Monday, July 1, 2013

Cut It Out

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  1. That kid knew damn well what she did.

  2. ^Yep. There’s no reason I can think of to draw a pair of scissors over a crotch.

  3. Thrillhouse320

    It does look like scissors, i maybe am too old but i dont remember my balls sitting at the top of my dick.

  4. I wonder if mom was more concerned that her daughter drew it or that she drew it In black..

  5. uh you do realise the baby has a juice bottle and not a spray paint bottle. i would venture to say the baby isn’t actually the artist.

  6. Times like that, you have to look at your child, completely straight-faced, and say, “yep, it certainly IS scissors! Snip snip…look at you, Miss Smarty Pants!” …even as you motherfuck the lil bastard that drew a damn penis where your sweet, God-blessedly innocent Baby would see it.

  7. Oh! I get it…someone spraypainted a dick and balls on the guy and her daughter interpreted it to be scissors. That makes more sense.

  8. ^yea. But It’s even funnier to think she did it.

  9. #8 Not really, as it could indicate abuse.

  10. I like to think of it as just another joke on lamebook.

  11. I think somebody wants to remain an only child and wants Daddy to get the snip 😉

  12. This is my daughter, I want this picture removed

  13. ^Can you awnser #4?

  14. Not a lot of point in asking for it to be taken down is there really!!

    And quite obviously I would not let my child have a can of spray paint, you would need to ask the original artist with regards to his colour choice!

  15. BonniePleasant

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  16. Emmamouse, you shouldn’t have posted this photo on Facebook then.
    Think of those internet rules nobody really takes a glance at:

    If you post something on the internet, it will stay there forever, regardless.

    Also know that there are assholes online who search through Facebook to find an embarrassing photo misinterpreted as “funny” and submit it here, or to other websites for some recognition because they are assholes.

    Think twice before posting, and perhaps it’ll save you and others(particularly your child) some embarrassment.

  17. emmamouse, there’s no point is asking us to take the picture downm, because we’re only here for the shits and giggles.

    The @dmins will take it down if you send them an email, though. Click “Contact” at top right of page and look for the “Remove Me” link below the form.

  18. I would fuck emmamouse’s daughter in the anus, then cum on her face.

  19. To be fair Emma, you have posted it publicly, so the whole world can see it whichever website it’s on.

  20. Elsior, I think you might get arrested for typing that out.
    But do go on ahead, it’s not like it’ll harm you or something…

  21. Emma, I’m sure your pictue will eventually be removed, but you may need to do something for the wankers… I mean, @dmins, first: bring them the head of Elsior.

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