Monday, July 1, 2013

Sup Braaaa, Goodbye Ladies

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  1. Sweet plate bra, oh ya,

  2. If you want to instantly repel guys with an higher IQ than 100, your name should be Kendri.

  3. an higher…

  4. whoismikejones

    Couldn’t agree more, fuck the dolphins

  5. The sad thing is, this guy probably gets more trim than a log cabin. And what’s sadder is that this guy is probably a sorority chick.

  6. Mukhiar.. why so bitter? You really like to say sup braaa? Or is this your car?

  7. This guy lives in Minnesota… I was driving behind him one day and got a picture myself. I can’t for the life of me figure out why he has a Dolphins logo in the window.

  8. #5
    The “trim” this guy gets isn’t anything most guys would want. Seriously it’s not about quantity it’s about quality.

  9. Oh shit! Jeffreyd you got me.

    Also #Kendri self submitting is a pretty shitty move.

  10. BonniePleasant

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  11. What kind of name is Kendri?

  12. God dammit. Now I have to go scrape that Dolphins’ logo off my back window. No wonder I wasn’t getting laid…

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