Wednesday, March 28, 2012


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  1. I was going to post in here. Instead I went to see the “Superheroes have inappropriate bulges” collection.

  2. Do you….enjoy…superhero bulges?

  3. Why does everyone always spell Fæcesbook wrong?

  4. When did Lamebook turn into the child-rapist next door?

  5. Wow, congrats, Lamebook! You picked up on a joke that has been made ages ago!

  6. Why you askin all them questions making statements, assumin?

  7. ^ Could you please repeat that in English?

  8. ^why?

  9. When did it become acceptable t’…NOOOOOOOO FACE MASH KEYBOARD

  10. song lyrics :/

  11. Are they?

  12. fuck off crusty. work it out for yourself.

  13. You fuck off. I don’t want to work it out for myself. Can’t make me do fuck all biaaatch.

  14. ^bullshit. I can make you dance like a puppet on a string.

  15. crack on then geppetto

  16. You’re not a real boy, you know.

  17. ^ So what you do to him in the dead of night isn’t technically immoral?

  18. What a poor come back MsAnne. Not being funny but MsAnne makes all these assumptions about what she could do to people. I’m a 24 year old that goes to the gym regularly. What are you? 30+ year old with low self-esteem? Don’t mean to be rude but I do’t want you to put a hip out. Jus sayin.

  19. what am I?

  20. p.s. you fucking idiot.

  21. A penis?

  22. only because you see the world through cock-colored lenses.
    p.s. you fucking idiot.

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