Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thanks For Sharing

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  1. weak..! alright i’m bored with this one

  2. or just off in search of a snack?

  3. nah truly bored…there’s just nothing to latch on to in this exchange for me. just talk of fattiness and snacks and such, and no attempt to argue the issue, or even respond to my crazy accusations about your arse-shape. you’re not even being that insulting. utterly, utterly dull. definitely not your best work. i was even hoping that you might get in a decent parting shot, but nah…still weak. not to worry, there’s always another day/comment thread!
    ……..unless…you wanna try again?

  4. no, wobbles. it doesn’t work like that. you don’t say “I’m bored and I’m blubbering off” and then come right back…it makes you look desperate. Even sabababebba learned that one.

  5. OK so fat jokes it is then – MsAnne, you’re so fat, you’re close to everything.

  6. see? I fucking knew you didn’t belong on the moral high ground. Personally, it gives me nose-bleeds.

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