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  1. I’m fond of you alproshazam.

  2. Poor 5th wheel. Looks like she’s just waiting for a ride because she can’t stand to be in the house any longer.

  3. @ Penny Lane…
    Thanks, because sometimes I feel like the 5th wheel in the photo (hence agreeing with Bucky Fellini), I spend as much time defending throwaway comments as I do slamming posts…

    But as for “What’s wrong with this picture?”
    From a photographer’s P.O.V. they could’ve left the shutter open longer to expose more of the background and maybe attempted to compose the shot so it’s not so boring and symmetrical.
    But the 1st thing I wondered was why don’t the couples take their gratuitous display of rank inside…?

  4. *couple’s*

  5. So at first I didn’t understand why the first picture was funny/offensive, it just made me hungry. Now that I understand it, I am TRULY offended, and still hungry..

  6. @fb_lb & spanka… and Roacsors too…

    Purely out of curiosity are you Australian with southern cross tattoos…?

    Not passing judgement, so please don’t get uppity, I can’t be fucked…

  7. how sad

  8. GrammaticalErrors

    @alproshazam….I’m Australian and hate Southern Cross tattoo’s but still found your self righteous rant annoying! OK the advert wasn’t funny but how is someone in an awkward situation offering people chicken to break the ice racist? the fact that people picked up that the West Indies fans were in fact black (funnily enough) and that in America (not Australia or the West Indies) it is thought that Black people like fried chicken (and that it’s somehow offensive to like chicken) has simply perpetuated the stereotype and now taught it to people who didn’t even know it existed before. I guess they should have used all white English fans but then someone would get offended that there wasn’t a good representation of all ethnic groups in England!

  9. By the looks of that meal, one would need a side order of bypass surgery with it

    @ Penny Lane

    I can’t join with you in your fondness for alproshazam

  10. Is it offensive because chicken is a “white” meat? Because if it is I only eat the dark meat.

  11. Your welcome, Desolation 😉 and I apologize for spelling your name wrong (and thank you for not calling me out on it, and making me feel like an ass)

    @alproshazam: Sardonic is an amazing word, and you desearve full credit for introducing it to me (and I am not being facetious. I’m sure I have heard this word before, but if I have, it has gone in one ear and out the other). Anyways, it made my day, and I thought you should know. (Actually, I take it back. The fact that I was called “mate” for the first time ever made my day, but sardonic come in close second).

    and, yes, I am fully aware that the fact that either of those things making my day is quite pathetic, but I have come to terms with it. Oh shit, one more thing: I spelled delusion wrong earlier.

  12. @alproshazam

    I have many tattoos but none of the Southern Cross. 😉 KFC has been doing ad’s involving cricket for quite a while. The whole thing amuses me for the simple reason that when I saw the ad the first couple times I didn’t see it as a crowd of black people, I saw a crowd of West Indies fans. Its true that the add wasn’t funny but fast food chains aren’t exactly known for adds comprising of hilarity.

  13. I still don’t see it as racist and that’s not what they meant it to be.
    He was being friendly and sharing his food in an awkward situation.

  14. And the Southern Cross tattoos are just showing that they are proud Aussies (the Southern Cross is on the flag).
    I wouldn’t get one though.
    They are very popular as car stickers too.

  15. What saddens me about the whole KFC ad situation is that people don’t understand the context in which it was created.

    Being a sports fan, and usually supporting the away team, I have often been in situations where I would have loved to have had something to persuade the opposing fans to avoid giving me the look of death…


    Its not racist, its simply a peace offering, simply saying “Hey, we go for different teams and I am vastly outnumbered. How about some food? I know you all must be very hungry!” lol

  16. If anyone thinks the KFC ad was racist, then they are nothing but soft little girls. Seriously, I’m tired of it, I’ve argued my point on many sites, but I’m not willing to do it on a site that’s about having a laugh.

  17. As an American I see the Aussie KFC advert as possibly racist.

    As an American living in Australia, I can understand how some Australians might have no clue that there is a sterotype that black Americans loves them some deliciously yummy yummy finger lickin’ good fried chicken.

    As a person who may or may not have a little common sense, I cannot believe that NONE of the people involved in the production of that ad knew about the stereotype in America. I mean come on!!!! It is an AMERICAN COMPANY that sells FRIED CHICKEN. Day one of Advertising Induction at any KFC anywhere in the world must include this warning: “BEWARE: NO JOKES ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE EATING DELICIOUSLY YUMMY FRIED CHICKEN. THERE IS ALWAYS A RISK THAT OUR ADVERTISEMENTS WILL BE UPLOADED TO YOUTUBE AND SEEN BY THE 36+ MILLION BLACK AMERICANS IN AMERICA! IF THEY BECOME VERY ANGRY AT KFC AND TAKE THEIR BUSINESS TO BROWNS OR POPEYES, WE WILL LOSE 85% OF OUR REVENUE IN AMERICA!!! AND YOU WILL BE fired!”

    As an American, I see that warning as racist and annoying – but I bet KFC does know what percentage of their revenue comes from black Americans, and maybe, just maybe, they do have that warning with the correct percentage put in there.

  18. I. Was. Being. Sardonic.

    Fuck, why is it every time I type something on this site someone gets their panties in a twist…?

    I already said that it’s racist, but not TOO racist like lynchmob racist, or stolen generation racist…
    It just isn’t funny, and it wasn’t an accident, Australians love to hide the fact that we’re racist with our humour, but this misses the mark, and it just wasn’t a happy accident… so drop that shit.

    You cannot guarantee that every single person that has black skin on the face of the planet likes fried chicken, therefore this is a race based generalisation.

    …proud Aussies wearing Southern cross tattoos…? You know you can see that star formation ANYWHERE in the southern hemisphere? Not just Australia, why monopolise it’s usage and bend it to nationalistic ends…?

  19. @ alproshazam

    It appears that you’ve been bangin’ on with your bullshit all day on numerous posts…

    I think it’s time for you to shut up

  20. What I find both amusing and ironic is that here in ~racist~ South Africa we also have a stereotype of blacks-and-chicken (to the extent that the heads and feet are consumed as a ‘delicacy’ – know as walkie-talkies) but nobody has mentioned, or taken offence to, it at all. Could it be that you’re all too racially-sensitive?
    Just to be clear, even with all of my country’s racism, I had NO idea what MLK was and why this image was amusing/offensive. I was searching the background for some naked reflection or some-such.
    And @Copster30 – the grass is probably so derelict because of all the beer-urine… 😉

  21. MLK… Martin Luther King perhaps? I’m Australian and I know this, geez. I suppose SA is good at rugby so it doesn’t have to be very intelligent.

  22. That there authentic Walmart deli four dollar lunch plate. I know this because I work there. I am not a proud man.

  23. @alproshazam: about “Fuck, why is it every time I type something on this site someone gets their panties in a twist…?” C’mon! You are a drama queen trying to give “light” about the lamebook’s posts and that is boring. There is no sense in any post… that is the idea of this website.

    @wordpervet: I couldn’t agree more with you. I can’t stand drama queens and an “smartass” wanna be!

    And about all this discussion about discrimination, racism & sterotypes is lame. I think the post is funny and even when that guy is a twat, the whole point was to encourage all those people who “defend” minorities rights to post something… only to wind them up and he made it. All these comments made my day! THANK.YOU.

  24. @glentheleg
    Being smart is WAY over-rated… we’re happy to beat you at rugby.
    ‘s all…

  25. AccraGreatOlympic

    Just want to defend my aesthetic African Brother (or Sistah).

    I live in Accra and did also not make the connection. I guess that just make us dumb ignorant people living in Africa.(For a moment I thought the MLK was about milk or malt.) I guess Lamebook is American and you are right to assume users know about your public holidays but please let us foreigners marvel at the differences in what we perceive when looking at lame photos.

    Just for the record: We eat a lot of fried chicken in Ghana. We actually have a fast food restaurant called Southern Fried Chicken not far from my home. OK, you guys wouldn’t call it fast by I would call you all racist if you called the people working there lazy.

    We actually also eat a lot of fried rice but the jokes about Chinese food on Africa Day would be too lame.

  26. I couldn’t believe the SFC until I’ve seen this:
    The sofa thing… Is an sterotype as well?
    I have cravings of the “Hunga Busta Meal”… for real!

  27. I just assume every one loves fried chicken… In fact i think we had an add here that said if you didnt there was some thing wrong with you. Pretty sure that got p[ulled as well for offending vegetarians. ^ ^

  28. Just off topic here, what’s the drink? Is it beer?

  29. @peas: it’s essentially a high-alcohol beer. Generally a cheap American-style lager that’s brewed for high alcohol content and economy, so it tastes like shit but it’ll get you drunk.

  30. @Sensible Madness. I love your bible studies. Brilliant.

  31. Just like British Special Brew then – I am now enlightened cheers.

  32. WOW. First I’m Australian and of Aboriginal descent so I thought I’d heard all rascist comments especially about sniffing petrol and glue and having saggy boobs and being uneducated and a dole bludger ( that’s welfare in Australia) , however I’m gonna profess my ignorance and admit I never knew black people liked fried chicken, particularly of the free variety. I thought everyone liked fried chicken….except of course those who prefer not to die at 45 of a massive heart attack. Australia is perhaps one of the most racist countries on Earth but we all have our crosses to bear…..Some countries just haven’t gone as far as to burn them. None of us are perfect…but I suspect the clown who took this photo either added the caption inocently or was a pampered little white boy with a sweaty pimpled arse camped out in his Moms ‘good room’ for the day watching Oprah and wishing he had something better to do, he may not have realised it was MLK day until Oprah said so. With that said I had no idea what MLK stood for either. But I’m glad I do now.
    As an after thought do you know why Aboriginals are called ‘Boongs’ in this country?

    ‘Cos that is the sound we are said to make when run over by a car….. See, who said Australians aren’t funny.

  33. insert clever name here

    Can we stop calling using the label African Americans now? What do we call black people who live in other countries? I have a South African friend who is white and who is now a US citizen. He was born in Johannesburg. He’s more African American than any of the black people I know. That said… where’s the watermelon in that picture?

    p.s. I’m not white.

  34. Hey clever name can you meet me half way? How about “Blackfrican Americans”.

    P.S. I’m white.

  35. African american is the term I used on this site, because the stereotype isn’t for ALL black people, it is for AMERICAN black people. And, yes, most people love fried chicken, because it is amazingly delicious. Regardless, I dare any of you to walk up to a large american black man that you have never met and say, “It’s obvious YOU love fried chicken!”… Even if you mean, “It’s obvious that YOU love fried chicken, because everybody does!” they are going to take offense, because here it is a stereotype.

    I will be all to happy to expain to anybody on Lamebook why a posting is funny, or what the point is. However, when it turns in to us(american’s) having to explain why we have certain stereotypes, or why they are offensive, it gets so fucking stupid. Half of us don’t know why, and none of us really care: but we do know it’s a stereotype, and we know it’s not meant in a nice way. Get over it, please.

  36. insert clever name here

    @sammyt420: I am so using that now.

  37. worst_episode_ever

    ooh mlk day is martin luther king day… got it.


  38. I hate fried chicken. It’s too greasy and crunchy for me. Btw, I’m black and I find the MLK pic chuckle worthy, but he just used an overplayed joke.

  39. the second pic….the butt of his pants are wet! is that what’s wrong? (the guy on the left)

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