Monday, February 1, 2010

Needo Guido

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  1. So, poopcalculator, these people are REAL? It’s not just some weird joke?

  2. this

    “Dracula, why is “ego” so important? Isn’t ego generally something that has to be gotten over?”

    then this

    “Secondly, yes, with all my flaws and imperfections I can boldly (and egotistically?) say that I am “better” than east coast oranges.”

    love it

  3. Spray tanner and porcupine hair are SEXCI!

  4. Looks like Dracula = Guido? I’m thinking so. In any case I hope people realize that these people do not represent that whole. Meaning all Italian Americans. p.s. If you’re orange, have perfectly man-scapped eyebrows, and use at least, if not more then, one bottle of gel a week, you should be lined up and shot. And who the hell are these woman that date them? Quit encouraging this madness! We shall line you up and shoot you too.

  5. No, SomeRandomChick, I don’t have to be part of a stereotype to think it’s ridiculous that a bunch of ego-starved geeks are bashing them on here, despite them being pretty much harmless.

    And yeah, I think people do realize that not every single person of Italian descent dresses that way, but thanks for the reminder.

  6. Dracula, that was deliberate. Your social intellect is stunning.

    SomeRandomChick, I think you are right about Dracula. I do have to say I am married to a man of Italian decent but we live in the west so not only do I not have any of these stereotypical ideas, I still feel like I’m missing some part of a joke!

  7. But Dracula, you call people who post morsels on the internet “ego-starved geeks” while doing the same thing yourself in the form of bemoaning judgment of stereotypes. This is exactly why I cannot imagine you to be real either. So, orange or not, you have something in common with these tangerine weirdos…you are beyond belief.

  8. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Has no one noticed that Denver is “accepting applications”?? I wonder what that application looks like…

    What a douche.

  9. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing. I’m pointing out truths about your life that you weren’t aware of. Now you are. You’re welcome.

    Anyway, fun for these “weirdos” constitutes the relatively normal activities of leaving the house, interacting with their friends, and having sex. Fun for you, the “normal” one, is sitting in front of your computer and looking for petty reasons to make fun of people you’ll never meet. Insecure much?

  10. Dracula, The Truth Pointer!

    What does your super suit look like? It’s it skin tight and orange?

  11. Just sayin’.

  12. @42- Let me just say that I have not laughed that hard in a while! Thank you!

  13. Haha @ Penny Lane, I just had a really horrible image thanks to the skin tight orange supersuit comment lol

  14. OK, what I was wondering is if the Facebook groups were seriously people who are pro Guido or if the groups were facetious.

  15. oh, sharon.

  16. very well put penny lane…

  17. Sharon types with a blocked nose

  18. jelly FTW. lol.

  19. @poopcalculator – As an Italian girl from Joisey, more specifically hailing from…dun dun dun…The Shore, I feel your pain. Passing the time mocking the guidos (and bennies) was part of our everyday routine growing up. And while I no longer live there, it cracks me up to watch people’s reactions here in the NW upon realizing that these kooky caricatures of a region/nationality can and do exist.

  20. So a guido is an italian wigger?

  21. Some are dirty, EMO Italian Wiggers and some are plain ole’ dirty, EMO Spic-Aro.

    Either way, intellect and cleanliness are not prerequisites to holding such an esteemed title.

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