Monday, February 1, 2010

I’m With CoCo

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  1. lame??

  2. Hahaha, bet he lied to her and she didnt know any better. Prob got laid too

  3. dumb bitch

  4. she got the two of them confused with ‘shows that have been cancelled’ and ‘shows that should have been cancelled’

  5. Hahaha, someone wants to get laid ASAP!

  6. sixth

  7. Hey, I’m assuming this is a joke that only people who know about American TV will get, so I don’t, but I’m gonna make a guess… this guy isn’t Conan O Brien?

  8. Hey! Way to go lamebook for deleting the last “ultra lame” post! LOL.

    @British hobo. No, its not

  9. @BritishHobo Looks like it’s Carson Daly. He was on some crappy MTV show.

  10. what if the guy’s name is really Conan?

  11. I’m going back to laugh at Kaitlyn some more. This is dull. We need another Jason to liven things up…

  12. agreed blue smarties

  13. lostintranslation

    I can understand if you don’t know who Carson Daly is or what he looks like. I can understand if you don’t know who Conan is. But to actively mistake one for the other, when they look nothing alike, takes a special kind of stupidity.

  14. Could be that like me she’s not American and didn’t know, but it’s still pretty funny. I’d love to see any comments she’s got.

  15. Carson Daly hosts a late night show that nobody watches because it’s on at like 2am. I can only assume she recognized his face because she left the TV on one night before going to the bar and saw his face when she stumbled back home, moments before passing out on the couch in a puddle of her own drool. It’s not surprising she got his name wrong.

  16. @Jackulahaha
    Yeah, last post dematerialised, forgive my ignorance, but this is NOT a common occurrence at all? It was an ultra crap post, people power or natural selection I wonder?

    Why didn’t this woman suspect freud when no one else in the room really gave a shit for this impostor… Not another single autograph, unless he planted fans…ewww, this guy is creepy…

  17. @lostintranslation – If you don’t know who either Carson Daly or Conan O’Brian is, or what they look like, then why would it be stupid to mistake one for the other?

  18. oh got it.
    mea culpa…
    I know Conan, but not this other dude…

  19. It’s an honest mistake, right? All white people pretty much look the same…

  20. lostintranslation

    @Rick: she must have got his name from somewhere, and I highly doubt that Carson Daly would have told her he was Conan O’Brien, so I can only assume she has some sort of familiarity with the latter.

    (Also, I’m assuming she’s American, since the picture was taken at the Kentucky Derby.)

    and p.s. I’m not American

  21. @lostintranslation: Oh, I see why you’re confused now. This wasn’t taken at the Kentucky Derby, it was taken at the KY Derby, which is an annual orgy sponsored by the people who make that sex lubricant. 10 minutes after this picture was taken, Carson Daly, that bald dude in the background, and most of the other attendees pulled a train on the chick in the picture.

    Notice the creepy dude smiling in the background on the left: He’s leering at her ass, thinking about how he’s going to be plowing it momentarily. The guy on the right is arguing with the waitress as to whether or not fisting is allowed at the event (note the hand gesture). I’m not even going to talk about why the picture of the horse is there.

    Given how many dude she was “involved” with during the event, it’s not surprising she confused some names.

  22. i knew something looked off on the main page..what was the post they deleted? i saw it, but ive forgotten

  23. everybody knows Conan is a ginger…

  24. lostintranslation

    @SensibleMadness: it all makes sense now! Thank you 🙂

    Although… wait… Conan doesn’t appear to be *anywhere* in the picture. I guess she must have been fantasising about him during the “Derby”?

  25. Look, either way, I’d say “Conan O’Brien” there is a scary looking dude. I could easily picture that face as the last face I see before being raped and murdered.

    @morgan It was some stupid ‘about me’ sections from facebook.

  26. alproshazam – Why would she suspect Freud? He’s dead and looks nothing like Conan O’Brien.

  27. @SensibleMadness – Haha you’re right!!

  28. @Lostintranslation – All valid points.

  29. I’m assuming that she doesn’t actually think that’s THE Conan O’Brien, rather that it’s actually the guys name, especially since she put “ME” in caps and didn’t write “OMG I MET CONAN!!” in the caption.

  30. the only thing more funny then the fact that she didnt even know who she was standing next to was the fact that she abrevated Kentucky.. so it kinda sounds like a singers convention!! lmao

  31. this isn’t even funny nor lame, its just blah!

  32. @Sensible Madness: Oh God! Mental image bad!

  33. Kinda looks like she’s wearing her bra on the outside

  34. New Year Baby Daddy

    Don’t most people look better when they lose weight? What the fuck is wrong with Carson Daly? And Star Jones, for that matter?

    @BritishHobo: Do they have Google in the UK?

  35. whoa she slipped up and wrote the wrong name! hilarious!!!!!

  36. I have to admit that at first glance I assumed that man was a porn star and that a KY Derby was some sort of lube based event. I now know otherwise.

  37. whoa! either the late nights are getting to Carson Daly or he’s stuffing his face in a pile of columbian gold.

    for the non-americans (wait I’m non-american too…..but I get cable) this is Carson Daly the former host of TRL on MTV and who (as sensible madness correctly put it) hosts a really, really late show that’s only watched by insomniacs and losers who surf the cable channels at that hour hoping to see a girls gone wild ad (i know because I’m that guy).

    Of course he told her he was conan o’brien. she would never have taken part in that KY Derby if she knew he was Carson

  38. @New Year Baby Daddy: Yes, they do. Unfortunately, it doesn’t explain Lamebook pictures. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

  39. That looks like Carson Daly.
    As if she thought he was Coco.

  40. Regardless of this failure , I’m with Coco.

  41. I’m also with Coco.

  42. If Conan is “CoCo” than is Carson “CaCa”?

  43. PennyLane FTW!! (As you may have guessed, I’m with CoCo… =P)

  44. Tamiko is Frodo.

  45. Christ on a cracker

    LOLz I just peed my pants a little!

  46. @New Year Baby Daddy. Do they have google in the UK??! hahaha good one

  47. At first, I thought the title included “CoCo” because she’s Black……

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