Wednesday, December 9, 2009

All I Want For Christmas


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  1. It never fails to amaze: if ANY kind of monumentally idiotic concept is actually possible given the laws of Physics, it WILL be invented, marketed and sold. Even (or especially) if it makes you look like a total tard. I weep for humanity…

  2. Another revelation for the end of humanity is near!

  3. @ Keyser_Soze

    “…makes you look like a total turd.” Fixed. Leave the poor tards alone.

  4. And then they all drank the poison and died, just like their cult leader commanded them to do.

  5. Meh, who cares. It was probably funny to them.

  6. fkn hell, i hope they did this for a laugh..

  7. next is the ceremonial drinking of the kool-aid, and their spaceship comes to take them away.

  8. @ 40 poopcalculator FTW!!!

  9. Oh, this is very lame. Kind of like taking your Christmas photo in your pajamas. Just don’t do it.

  10. Marketing is cool.
    You can get rich by selling
    Backward dressing gowns.

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr Haiku…

  12. @EwGross…

    It’s spelled G-R-A-M-M-A-R.

    If you’re going to be a douche and try to correct people, then BE CORRECT.

  13. SarahBear33

    Wow. If you’re going to be a douche and try to correct people, then BE CORRECT yourself, hypocrite. EwGross was clearly being somewhat ironic seeing as nobody had even used the words grammar or organise anyway. Probably to see how many people are stupid enough to try to correct him/her. You are L-A-M-E. Maybe even lamer than the people who choose to spend silly amounts of money on something that can be easily replicated with a bathrobe or by cutting a few holes in a blanket.

  14. @Petard

    Lets see if she gets the retart joke… lol

  15. At least the Snuggies (how I hate that name) are covering up their Crocs, leg warmers, tie-dyed mesh tank tops, acid washed jeans, and whatever other fashion horrors they own.

    On first glance though I did think they were members of some African tribe (yeah, I know most of them are incredibly Caucasian, but damn that leopard print really jumps out at you).

  16. They’re ready to start their own cult now.

  17. I want to get a Leopard print Snuggie to compliment my Leopard print G-string!

  18. Insane I think I speak for some of the women here on lamebook, and we want pictures of that. That sounds like a way to spice up a snuggie. And reminds me of the time I bought my husband a camoflauge g-string as a joke present. He insisted I give him his present regardless of the company present that would see it. So in front of his drinking buddies he pulled his new drawers out of the gift bag and embarassed us both. Then that night as a joke he tried them on. I didnt mean to but I started to belly laugh really hard. He’s not the most muscular man though he’s strong like a ox. He reminded me of Dale Gribble of king of the hill. Dale also had a love of g-strings. My laughing may have hurt a lesser mans feelings but he had a good laugh with me.

  19. Me, LMFAO!!! I seriously just cried a little. It’s good to hear your hubby has a good sense of humour! I don’t of many men that would find wearing a thong funny. Although the ones that don’t are more than likely closet homosexuals (well the ones that don’t quit with the gay jokes because of the G-String joke). I have worn a G-String before (as my girlfriend at the time requested). But it was an Elephant G-string, with a trunk pocket for the Wang. I found it comfortably hilarious!

    I will see what I can do about the pictures 😉

  20. LOL! I just remembered that I bought him a velvet red thong that was a bull face! Your elephant comment reminded me of it. It had googly eyes, fuzzy hair and a ring through its nose. That one he tried on too. It was awesome! I almost passed out laughing. Then he bought me one and I told him that it would look like a elastic on a pear and I wasnt trying it on. We stopped buying each other joke underwear after that. 🙂 Cant wait for the pics. 😉

  21. LMFAO!!! I had forgotten that mine had googly eyes and pink hair at the top of the …ugh trunk! I’m sorry to hear the underwear joke has died down. Maybe this Xmas might be the year it is all brought back 😀

  22. Last time we had a laugh buying underwear was when we had to get him tight ones for after his vasectomy. We wanted them to be tight and supportive but not cause hungry butt. So we got laughing checking out the sizes. Also I asked a woman where they kept the briefs and she looked at me funny. I thought it was bc I was I was looking for underwear. (shrugs) Turns out when I had picked our infant daughter up to go she spit/threw up a bit. I heard her do but didnt see where it went. I thought it was down her front. I was in a hurry and absently wiped her down. Tossed her in her snowsuit and packed up to go. Turns out it landed in my hair. I have long hair and was wearing it down. The area where she got me was right next to my mouth. So here I am shopping for underwear with barf in my hair. The lady must have thought I was coming off a bender and needed to get my old man new drawers cause he crapped himself while drunk. We had a good laugh over that too. We still pull pranks on each other just not so much underwear based ones. 🙂 This birthday he turns 40 so I have a special cake picked out for him. I saw it at cake wrecks. Its a picture of a decrepit old man with the caption “happy birthday chucknuts.” 🙂

  23. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    At last I know what a snuggy looks like!

  24. LMFAO ME!!! Oh god seriously, you are hilarious! To top off the cake you should get a picture of Johny Knoxville as the old man from the Jackass movie. That would be the icing on the cake- excuse the pun.

  25. LOl! Good idea! I could get the bakery to use the always classy edible photo paper. I got him a cake with the “classic” green goblin fighting Spiderman on it. It was done with that paper. It said Happy 36 birthday Ed. The look on the decorators face when I told her the age was awesome. She gave me this sideway glance. I almost wanted to assure her that he wasn’t “damaged.” He just likes the green goblin. 🙂

    That also reminded me of the time his brother had a huge family dinner and afterwards played the jackass movie. He didnt realize that it wasnt suitable family viewing. They got to the part where a firecracker was put in knoxvilles ass before he turned it off. 🙂

  26. LMFAO! Yes at make your hubby eat Knoxvilles balls :P. The green Goblin is awesome!!! Your hubby is lucky that you go through that much trouble for him.

    Your brother is awesome! He should’ve let the movie play through to the end though 😛

  27. I should have got him a saggy ball cake after his vasectomy. All he got for that was a ice pack and a bottle of tylenol. Though I did splurge and get the super strength one. 🙂

  28. Lol. The blanket that will ruin your sexlife

  29. AH! this is great someone put our snuggie picture up here! And actually, my granparents do have snuggies at their house, but they were just visiting so they left them at home.

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