Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oh Shirt!

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  1. Didn’t this shit happen about 6 months ago? I’m ready to move on if you are lamebook.

  2. Actually, the OP probably submitted this about 6 months ago, and the Lamebook super-staff just got around to waking up from their 6-month long bender-induced comas to post it here.
    Or their moms took their internet away for not doing their chores.

  3. carlosspicyweiner

    Never forget…

  4. #2: Nope. Comment editing has only been around for a few weeks.

  5. Nice. A Facebook expert and change-tracker to set me straight! Thanks, good chap!

  6. Damn. I was all excited and hoping that the post I submitted last year might finally appear. Oh, well. Thanks for nothing, Nails.

  7. Fake.

  8. My bad, beatus. My fucking bad.

  9. A new challenger appears.

  10. ^ The current crop uses “fuck you.”

  11. “4” isn’t a letter.

  12. 4 is a letter.

  13. 4 is an entire word to some people.

  14. Crazy how Psu actually overbooked this year despite all of this…

  15. So last year

  16. I just don’t know..

  17. “4” is a number. “Four” is a word.
    Neither is a letter.

  18. ^ (we know that. We are just playing along)

  19. I’m not having fun. I’m taking my number and going home.

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