Monday, December 19, 2011

Time To Get Il

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  1. Never forget, no matter how thick you are, there’s the US…

  2. Oh, look – one of those ‘first post’ things and I managed a whole sentence. Stever et al: suck on that.

  3. P.S. Third post. Twats.

  4. ^you bored?

  5. ^you not so bored?

  6. ^I’m in mourning. The Dear Leader died from overwork and exhaustion =(
    How could I ever celebrate xmas again?

  7. I hope Lauren is trolling that status, if she really is just that callous about death she needs a serious wake up slap/call/fuck.

  8. ^the failure of a complete stranger to adequately respond to the death of a third complete stranger just cuts you that deep, huh?
    You’re saying here that it is a serious enough crime that the only fitting retribution would be the assault and rape of that first complete stranger?

    Is that what you are saying, BennyG?

  9. ^Loves the complete lack of self-awareness in which the above passive aggressive rant is delivered.

    But seriously, BennyG is way out of line and should be shot.

  10. I completely agree with Benny G, all people with a lack of general knowledge should be given a wake up fuck. Bend over Benny, (hey, alliteration) I’m sure you’ll get picked for this team.

  11. #9. You’re quite wrong.
    Total self-awareness here, my dear. I’ve stated quite unreservedly that I am a horrible cunt, what more do you fucking want from me?
    No, don’t tell me. It’s a rhetorical question.

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