Friday, December 24, 2010

It’s a Lamebook Christmas: PhoDohs!

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  1. @14, Hanukkah is not Jewish Christmas. It’s not even a high holy day.

    And yes, the star of David is a six pointed star. The cross is just two lines crossed. I’m sure plenty of Christians would be a little upset if their religious symbol was used in an offensive way. The fact is that Jews were made to wear the star on their clothing during the holocaust, the shopkeep was out of his mind when he put that display together.

  2. Troll away Keona, your comments serve only to entertain me.

    I’m sure we would be upset but we are used to it sojewtastic. I just ignore stupidity like that, and certainly don’t get upset when it is relativley clear it was not intended.

  3. I’m bored of reading through these comments. Jesus though, it’s just a pretty shape on some shitty clothes. The whole Jew anti-semetic thing is probably just a stupid coincidence! Do we need to debate about it all crapping day? No

  4. A coincidence? The entire store? hmmm… and btw, if your whole day is spent crapping, wiffles, maybe you should turn to the Old Testament. Should’ve stayed away from the pork~

  5. Yeah, that shop owner is stupid. Let’s throw bricks through his shop windows…oh wait…

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