Monday, July 16, 2012

Smart Chair

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  1. what a waste

  2. the post could have been really good, but it totally sucks.

    another phony self submission.

  3. it was only worth commenting on because i was first

  4. It’s a Rolls Kanarley. Rolls down one hill, Kanarley get up the next.

  5. Fake.

  6. Not that great

  7. Hey Kamren(sic) you know what’s even more energy efficient, money friendly and smaller than a smart car and won’t make you look like an absolute twat?

  8. Kamren seems like an innovative, outside-the-square kind of dude.
    I’m confident he’ll have no problems looking like an absolute twat whilst walking too, frank.

  9. At first I wondered why Kamren was such a drippy cum nozzle… and then I realised he was French.

  10. Who the fuck spells their name like that, anyway?

  11. Somebody French.

  12. Good point, Anne. There’s just no helping some people.

    We call them ‘bogans’, Nails.

  13. Oh, thank God. I was so worried that this had become a legitimate form of energy-efficient transportation. But thankfully, Toonces1000 was here to let me know it’s fake.

  14. I still say it should be Twat1000.

  15. Aw, you guys are hilarious.
    Some corrections:
    I didn’t create or post this. A friend did.
    I’m not French, nor understand it.
    “This post still sucks”. Yeah, something made it appear on front page.

    As for your question, Nails,
    I do.

  16. 1) You have friends?
    2) You’re French.
    3) Please tell me you’re not bragging about the “front page” of fucking Lamebook? Please, just tell me that.
    4) You’re still French.

  17. modern.warfare.chick

    Can’t you ladies ever play nice on here?

  18. Where’s the fun in that?? 😉

  19. #17, for a modern warfare chick, you’re a bit of a pacifist… but hey, we probably need a few more of those. Welcome to the cesspool that is Lamebook!

  20. Not bragging, man. I discovered this place yesterday. Not so fun. Especially with users that go by “Nails”

  21. You’re still French.

  22. man, that was some ice-cold shit, nails.

  23. *Hangs head in shame*
    I’m off my game, bitch; don’t fuck with me.

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