Monday, July 16, 2012

Fantastic Fotos

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  1. Fake.

  2. When I was in high school, a friend of mine was attacked by a bunch of wannabe gangsters. They busted his jaw, and he had to have it wired shut for 6 months and could only eat whatever he could drink through a straw. He used to put hamburgers in the blender and eat them that way. I still shudder at the thought, but I guess the taste of Ensure would get old after a while.

  3. I always imagined the taste of food fresh out of a blender to taste like something you slightly regurgitated and reswallowed cuz it wasn’t enough to vomit and still tasted kinda o.k.

  4. 9 is fake.

  5. False, the only thing that is fake here is Alisha’s virginity. I fucked her.

  6. False, you are fake.

  7. YOLO is appropriate for 5 year olds, which is whom I assume is writing that.

  8. The first person is trying way too hard to be tough. But the ICE-T one was pretty funny. I can’t look at him without laughing, thanks to Law and Order SVU.

  9. The first one is only fantastic in the sense that I wish its existence was fantasy, rather than reality.

  10. Why are you young whippersnappers calling everything fake? If not for these delightful photos, why.., we wouldn’t have anything to laugh about thoughout a hot sunny Monday! Your immature comments remind me of my eldest son who is now a grown adult. As a teenage and hound adult he constantly called everything fake. “This store is fake, god is fake, life is fake.” He rarely gained friends because nobody could stand his pessimistic attitude. Now, he is a lonely man. He has no wife, no friends, no hobbies, and has a crapshoot of a job. Dont be like my son and call things fake, it’s not needed in this beautiful world.

  11. ^bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhabwahahahahahahhahahah

  12. Shit as fuck.

  13. Shit is gonna get real…

  14. Hank is such a fucking troll.

  15. I tried Mama once…

    She tasted of deep fried gherkin.

  16. #8 tough?

    The handwriting looks like a young girl’s, and things like weed and pills are no big deal, don’t really have to be thug to get a hold of those. I say high school girl with a few connected aquaintances

  17. I like that the first OP hash-tagged his YOLO answer.

    ..And by that I mean, my respect for society has dropped.

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