Monday, July 16, 2012

The Pot Calling the Kettle Amber

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  1. She looks comfortable to me? Where’s the problem? Jealous much?

  2. OH, and in before “9” fucked her!

  3. frape!

  4. 9 is obviously a virgin, hince his constant need to talk about ‘doing people’.

  5. Fake.

  6. You are correct CapnJaques, I fucked Amber. I then fucked IAmNateK’s mom. She is a disease infested cesspool.

  7. ^ Then why in the world did you fuck her?

  8. 8/10, tits are a little small but would still bang Amber.

  9. Beatus, 9 would fuck anything with a hole…in fact the hole is completely unneccesary. 9 would just rub up against something a couple of times until his watered down man-jelly pathetically dribbled out onto the waistband of his tighty-whiteys. That old washed up excuse for a troll is shameless.

  10. Usually I vaginally penetrate sluts but because CapnJaques mom was so fat I only used digits. That may have been only a fat fold however.

  11. Shit, man, obv. you miss your mom, seeing as your always claiming to have fucked everyone elses. And I’m surely shocked you didn’t try and crawl right in, head-first. Being that you have mommy issues and all, you could have at least suckled her titty for a little while…fat bitches have feelings too…asshole..

  12. oh my gosh how old is this kid (9)??

  13. I’m 254. Space robots age well I’ll be around for awhile, dont worry. Also, what is gosh? Can I fuck it?

  14. It’s the obese version of gash…I’m surprised you don’t know this….

  15. Amber is decently pretty so it is okay to be a hypocrite.

  16. I am immortal.

  17. Perhaps Amber was being completely sincere in the first post.
    Did you judgemental motherfuckers ever consider that? Huh?

  18. I mean it’s possible…but she’s not wearing a shirt, or bent over….do you suppose she rolled her shorts up tight enough to ‘tuck zem in’?

  19. I imagine this is one of many photos Amber has taken of herself half naked.

  20. I Hate you all. Very much.

  21. As hypocritical as Amber is/was, her picture was still in better taste than the slutty looks she is describing in her stupid rant. Also, you can’t see her duck lips, so that’s extra points. And her boobs are real.

  22. Although I’d empty a bucket load of bollock risotto onto Amber, I do wonder if her bikini made of toilet paper would disolve in the flood or not?

  23. I would definitely spray a load all over those tits and make her rub it in like body lotion. And then donkey punch her a few hours later for her stupid Facebook posts.

  24. oh Amber classic butterface

  25. I’d like to see what her other swimsuit looks like. This definitely isn’t the only one she has, judging by the subtle tan lines around her hips.

  26. ^ That’s probably from when she has her shorts pulled down so her thong is showing. Slut.

  27. beatus, you old perve.

  28. ^ I’m a freak, not a perve.

  29. ^ No shame in either. Wear that double-badge with pride, bro!

  30. …and make sure you keep your information on the sex-offenders register completely up-to-date at all times.

    and stay out of playgrounds.

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