Monday, July 16, 2012

Family Problems

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  1. Aww…damn…cockblocked again?

  2. You can marry your First Cousin in many states… But, I guess that if you can’t make it FB official then it just isn’t real!!

  3. So, cptn, what you are saying is that if you can’t make it FB official, it might possibly be…….fake?

  4. Que T1000…

  5. So then why is he taking a leak out by the dog’s house?

  6. I guess the cousin is better than Snoopy out there on the doghouse though…? Right?

  7. ^ Maybe, maybe not. Depends on the state.

  8. This is fake, as TommyRay said.

  9. its a scene from arrested development (+1). michael cera is attracted to his cousin. the episode has a couple references to charlie brown

  10. p.s. hes walking with his head down

  11. ^ Nah, he’s about to nail the dog in the doghouse.

  12. wow so out of 11 commenters 1 knew that this was from Arrested Development, great job everyone else for your completely fucking moronic shit comments. Next time they’ll make sure to post a screenshot from Teen mom 2 or keeping Kup Kith Khe Kardashians so you guys will all get the joke rather than nitpicking about whether its fake or not

  13. ^Shut up. You are fake.

  14. How about a screen shot from History of the World?

  15. #12, Are you proud that you know this? Do you feel like a “winner” now? Post a screenshot from anything on the cartoon network. We’ll totally get it!

  16. Yes!! I loved this episode of Arrested Development!!

  17. Well, I learned something new. Who cares.

  18. Actually, facebook you can be in a relationship with your cousin, what you should have said here is ‘you may not be in a relationship with your cousin’.

    Grammar nazi out.

  19. best bit about this post?

    that tragic fucking loser – analrapist, too pathetic to come up with a (half-)witty name of his own, steals one from a washed-up and forgotten show.
    Then spends the next x years waiting for a reference to the show. until that one special, shining day…and bam! here! right on lamebook! arrested development..!

    and no one gives the remotest fuck because we all moved on 5 years ago.

  20. ..But you can have a one night stand.

  21. All of you people who post on here 50 times a day are completely pathetic, every time I choose to read one of these its just 5 retards who think they’re witty trying to prove it with horrible stupid bullshit

    if my login name ended up being anything other than a AD reference, I still would have called you all retards for not getting the reference, has nothign to do with the name

    MsAnneThrope is one of the most pathetic, I love reading your posts, it paints such a picture of an important and intelligent person, I can’t wait to read your response that you will write in about 3 minutes

  22. My family was really annoyed when they found out I’d been fucking my cousin…

    She’d been dead five weeks.

  23. ^ Fucknugget. Arrested Development was a stupid show, and you’re a fucktard for naming yourself after a character in it.

    I love the dicks who come on here like, “oh, I only comment a couple of times here and there, so I’m so much better than you and not as much of a loser as you are!” So much cannon fodder.

    Newsflash, pissflaps: you’re still a loser; perhaps a bigger one. Yes, indeed a bigger one. Go back to folding the laundry your mama just did for you. And then die.

  24. ^oh, I only comment a couple of times here and there, and reading your butthurt, crybaby post, I fucking know I am a better person than you Nails.

  25. ^ Who the fuck is butthurt, cockbag?

  26. yeah sorry I didn’t come up with a truly wicked name like Nails. I honestly couldn’t care less what you think because you thought arrested development was a ‘stupid’ show, but I do love getting ridiculed for the name I chose for a stupid fucking bullshit website!!! I am going to go cry in the corner now because Nails called me a “fucktard” which tells me that he spends more time talking to people online than he does conversing with real people face to face

    and if my mother was doing my laundry for me, you can guarantee I’d make the bitch fold it too

  27. You okay, love? You’re so right. I am SO sorry we fought. 🙁
    Stop crying now. I hate to see kids cry.

  28. did you enjoy your moment to shine, analrapist?
    was it everything you’d dreamed that a shitty thread about a shitty show, that you devote your life to, could possibly be?

  29. analrapist is soooo trendy. And you lot scared him off! You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  30. nah. analrapist’s particular brand of butthurt is a fairly bog-standard & predictable one.
    every couple of weeks he pops his fool head up, whines because I hurt his feelings, then slopes off again until next time.

  31. Man, thank God, cuz he really hurt my feelings that time.

    I never really interacted with him at all; are we talking emo/hipster here, or what? Because I just loves me some dem!

  32. didn’t get it yet, what is wrong with Cousin Marriage ?!!!

  33. ^nothing. your parent’s marriage is still legit.

  34. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Wait, so you think watching sit-coms makes a person some sort of intellectual?

  35. Oh yeah, of course, because 100% of the population of the planet watch that show, obviously.

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