Monday, July 16, 2012

Week Starting Wins

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  1. Cats are useful.

    Andrew is fake.

    There is a number of corpses in my current dwelling.

  2. ^ What, the gutter, or your mama’s basement?

  3. I fucked Emily.

  4. The “Cats Cab” guy has obviously never seen the SNL sketch “Toonces the Driving Cat”.

  5. ^ for a number, you sure do get a lot of ass.

  6. ^ I think you’re wrong. I’m pretty sure he stole that status from someone else, but I doubt he would think it’s funny unless he’d seen a Toonces sketch.

  7. This comments thread is fake due to all of the confusion in replying.

  8. The only thing fucked with 9 is his head.
    Toonces replies shouldn’t be that hard to follow with your superior liquid brain thing or whatever you have,Tea1000.

  9. ^ Does the “T” stand for “Toonces?”

  10. No, teabag.

  11. Incorrect, terminator.

  12. ^ Wrong again; it’s twat.

  13. ^WUT?!!?!

  14. Incorrect. You will now be forever referred to as “Toonces1000”.

  15. Emily was funny. the rest were shit.

  16. Emily’s rhyme consists of just two lines and she can’t match up the meter. She should bar herself from writing anything ever again.
    I don’t like mice I must admit,
    I do not like them, fuck this shit.

    See, that wasn’t so hard.

  17. I’m drunk so when I read the “mouse rhyme” I thought it was just my lazy, drunken tongue making it sound off, but, thanks to frankenstein, I realize it was not my tongue it was her crappy rhyme.

    So now I go back to imbibing with all of my intelligence intact.

  18. I hate bitches who cultivate a ‘fear’ of mice. it’s not cute and whimsical, cunt. it’s just you looking like a sack of shit.
    same goes for those crap ‘individuals’ who cultivate fears of other common objects and critters. . . spiders, sharks or toaster ovens. just grow a pair, you fucking pussy.
    alternatively – stfu.

  19. Are you for reall? MsAnneThrope? Get over yourself. Fears are reall and you clearly are a small minded little bitch pussy yourself.

  20. Shut the fuck up.

  21. what’s with the two lls in real?

  22. ^ I suspect that’s the Tourette’s. Or maybe fear of spelling words correctly??

    Hey, dykesmokes, just because you have Panphobia doesn’t mean the fears are “reaLL,” it just means you think they are. Dumbass.

  23. What is a ‘small minded little bitch pussy yourself’? dykebyke and you do realise you have nothing to fear but fear itself. Right?

  24. ^ Exactly, Frankenstein. Fears of objects or things are not real, but an imaginary self-heightened panic experience that is completely unnecessary. A mouse may be dirty and rabid, but one can walk away from it or swat it away from oneself. One doesn’t have to jump up on a table, scream bloody murder, and lose total control of one’s body just because one saw a mouse in the corner. Fight or flight response does not entail frantic behavior.

  25. if the local mice are ‘dirty and rabid,’ you might want to move to a better neighbourhood.

  26. I’m not as worried about dirty and rabid mice as I am about dirty and rabid midgets. They’re taking over my neighborhood with their machine guns. So I went and bought a bullet-proof car. But they’re midgets so I bought a convertible

  27. ^ Good point. Well done.

  28. he’s lying.

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