Monday, July 16, 2012

One Good Idea

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  1. For these guys, it should say, “LONER.”

  2. It should say fake.

  3. Possibly, but the closest it would get to “FAKE” would be “FONE,” and no one wants that.

    Hmm… Maybe “PHONEY” would suffice.

  4. ^Correct.

  5. “You’re a phoney, a big fat phoney!”

  6. @beatus Good Call

  7. The photo made me smirk. The comments underneath were boring.

    How about:
    In God we t(h)rust (our)

  8. why did the photo make you smirk? never seen a knob gag before?

  9. ^!
    I had a knob gag just this morning! It’s Hummer Week!!

  10. why do you even have a ‘hummer week’?
    what do you call the other 51 weeks? lonely ones?

  11. Stupid.

  12. @10 – Cunnilingus Weeks.

  13. Anne, I am disappoint. I thought a worldly lass like yourself would understand my meaning without me needing to overshare…

    Hummer Weeks commence every 4 weeks or so. The other weeks of the year are all fine and not lonely in the slightest, thanks for asking =)

    beatus – you are so right.

  14. you are announcing online that you are menstruating. oh. I see, I think.

    so what is the etiquette here, then? do we discuss it like it’s somehow not freakish to?? how’s the flow, dear, sort of thing?

    is it clotty?

  15. You utter bitch. I think we’ve progressed (regressed) from “etiquette”…
    No discussion on flow required nor desired.

  16. teeko is gonna spew.

  17. …because she can’t anymore.
    she’s not a complete woman no more. must feel empty.

  18. Well now, this thread has taken a turn for the better. From retards writing boner on a dollar bill, to Bacchante’s fellatio adventures – and in turn, her Aunt Flo – to teeko’s menopause.
    Today, I am truly humbled.

    All that being said, sounds like a great week for Mr. Bacchante! 😉

  19. I get the impression that EVERY week is a good week for Mr. Bacchante.

  20. Nothing would please me more than making teeko cry tears of rage and frustration, MsAnne.

    Aw, thanks beatus <3

    Yes, Nails, he does seem to have a bit of a spring in his step currently! When he noticed the trend a few months back, he was the one that named it Hummer Week (and paired the declaration with a little happy dance).

  21. Indeed, love. Indeed. Time for me to have “that” talk with the girlfriend! Thanks!

  22. 🙂 Good luck!

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