Monday, February 6, 2012

Bad Tat Time

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  1. Is the first one a homage to the film ‘Teeth’?

  2. ^I love that movie.

  3. those are pretty terrible tats. Although I kind of enjoyed the vagina with teeth one.

  4. This is sickening. These people should be shot on sight.

  5. “Vagina dentata” – a traditional image.

  6. Sterilization is the answer. Those genes stop here!

  7. I knew Michelle was stupid after she put the heart after “New ink”

  8. that first tattoo is absolutely vomitous. michelle is profound.

  9. My buzz lighter doesn’t say that, but I’ve noted Michelle’s.

  10. That is the crappiest looking infinity symbol I’ve seen in my life.
    If Michelle was a symbol, she would be the “less than” symbol <

  11. I kinda like Taylor’s one. Mind you, I’ve taken some codeine so I guess I kinda like a lot of stuff after that…

  12. Is Taylor’s kind of large, down the side of her waist / midriff?

  13. ^those ones are my favourite, they are much easier to work with.
    Although I think ‘fuck’ is a little crass to have on a lampshade.

  14. Ha! Nope, it will form the basis of the binding for the Necronomicon.

  15. Horrible

  16. I wish I knew who these people were, so I could just YELL AT THEM WITH MY CAPSLOCK. Especially Michelle. Fuckin’ dumbass.

  17. “…pretty much fucks my favorite word”

  18. I love how confident fucktard michelle is , “nah an : P” I hope she gets cock slapped in her sleep.

  19. loooooooooool, somehow I actually know through mutual friends who the first one is. here’s a nice screenshot as Matt shows his tattoo artist friend Nate how appreciated his work is.

  20. Matt.. Your tattoo artist just owned you.. That’s a vajayjay with teeth….

    Taylor.. By “on sale”, I hope you mean free.

    Michelle.. When you get to infinity, please stay there.

  21. Fuck is also pretty much my favourite word. If you’re listening Taylor, hook me up please?

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