Monday, February 6, 2012

Bloody Mess

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  1. According to the handkerchief code, red indicates a love of fisting.

  2. trippinnn might like to drop him a line.

  3. Hence the blood…

  4. They could watch Smurfs movies together.

  5. The Smurfs seem like they’d be more of a Crip thing.

  6. Lives in Nebraska and fists all kinds of animals.

    Nebraska. Where the men are men, and the sheep know it.

  7. Hey Rubert.. that was a great joke. Saying that this “blood” from Nebraska and I should watch the Smurfs movie together was ingenious. You, sir, are a comedic mastermind. Seriously though, get off of lamebook and go to school. Your jokes are stupid, and so are you.

  8. vaginalroundhouse

    Why does he have a picture of a tattoo that is the name of a Michelle Branch song?

  9. This is majorly edited. This guy is easily found on FB, and that photo isn’t even in that album. You should see the comments on it though. Might make your mouth twitch.

  10. …and his phone number is on his wall. Cue prank calls.

  11. trippinnn, you’re so masterful, but I’m still not going to let you put your willy in my mouth.

  12. Well yes, i am pretty masterful. But anyway, the “suck my dick” request on the other post was actually just drunken nonsense. Woke up this morning with a terrible hangover, several idiotic facebook posts, and a few drunken lamebook rants.

  13. @vag
    Drunken tramp stamp?

  14. #9. bluhevs. so what are these comments that might make my ‘mouth twitch’?

  15. The smurfs? But i thought all bloods were trained to have a pavlov’s dog response to the color blue. Except, less drooling, more flesh-tearing.

  16. ^ Papa Smurf is a blood. See his gangsta threads?

  17. MsAnneThrope, I was implying that some people *might* find them mildly amusing. I doubt you will. You don’t seem to find anything funny.

    PS. Go look for yourself.

  18. Exactly! Papa Smurf may be blue on the outside.. but he’s a old school Blood.

  19. no bluhevs.
    Fuck facebook and fuck you.
    I find heaps of shit funny. Just different shit to you.
    Just because you’re at a fairly low-level that finds fucking prank calls funny (ffs!), don’t assume that everyone else is also sitting back, chuckling at second rate puns, dick jokes and the tears falling from abused children.

  20. Ooh ouch.

    I never said I found prank calls funny, I just assumed they’d ensue. I also never said I found the comments on the photo funny, I just assumed some *might*.

    Read things properly.

  21. I find you pretty fucking hilarious.

  22. The feeling is mutual, I’m sure.

  23. swear to gOd, my mouth totally just twitched a bit.

  24. Please, for the love of all that is holy! Would someone PLEASE help that tranny fix it’s makeup and take it out to mount something!! It’s obviously in desperate need. So much pent up sexual frustration for such a tiny penis…

  25. Posts like this make me so embarrassed to be American. Not that a day goes by that I’m not.

  26. I’m glad I could bring that minute amount of entertainment to your life MsAnne. You were clearly in need of it.

  27. I extracted it from the situation in spite of your…youness.

    but now it’s gone.

  28. Shame. Have you ever considered anger management?

  29. no. but talking at you is making me consider homicide.

  30. Did anger management just get suggested? There should be an entry requirement to post on lamebook. Applicants must not have, in the past 5 years, repeatedly walked into a wall head first more than a maximum of ten times in 24 hours over 7 consecutive days. Failure to comply will result in immediate rejection. Rejected candidates will have their jap’s eye sown up, or their vagina glued shut – in an attempt to breed out the cunting mongoloids.

  31. Ever notice how you don’t see any gangsters over the age of 35?

  32. ^ That’s because they’re dead.

  33. daed/dying/prison.

  34. (*dead)
    and not necessarily in that order.

  35. #32 or they become detectives on law and order

  36. Or because they’ve finally grown up and learned how to write their names in pencil.

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