Thursday, September 13, 2012

Not The Brightest Crayons…

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  2. I wonder which ones were self submitted by steeeever or the lamebook staff.

  3. Ok, so I’m somewhat new to Lamebook, so can someone please explain this Steeeever thing to me? I constantly see this dude commenting with nothing but “STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVERRRRRRRR BITCHES!!!!!” or some shit like that and I guess since I’m new, I just don’t get it. So can someone OTHER THAN Steeeever explain this to me?

  4. I wish The Onion wouldn’t post such articles even as a joke. I just came back from Texarkana, Arkansas, where I went to a church service, and in the middle of the sermon, when for some reason the preacher mentioned “Red State”, I heard a lady from the congregation say “Amen!” out loud.

    When we left church, I commented this with my former pastor, and he said he’d heard from someone that Barack Obama actually made a smart ass comment against God during the DNC.

    Some people is just too gullible for this kind of crap. Regardless of their ignorance and/or bias, I don’t think jokes like this should be published in times like this.

  5. ^Someone’s a humorless pussy.

  6. ^Nah… You got the wrong idea from my post. I often read The Onion and the Weekly World News for shits and giggles, but I know people that take seriously anything they read in there… I also hate Mitt Romney. And I know some of his supporters are on his side just because of their ignorance.

  7. Yeah but I don’t think you should stop telling jokes just because some idiots might believe it.

  8. ^True. I stand corrected.

  9. A lot of Americans have no access to good education and are extremely gullible in regards to commies ( you kidding?)( chinas doing ok) and religion.the dumb Americans reflect terribly on your country,worse so your leaders ( republican and evangelist) who profit from them.

  10. ^ Where are you from, genius? Are you the king?

  11. Shake that big onion!

  12. WTF? How come I can post from my phone, but not from my computer? Dammit!

  13. velocirrober, you lost me at “…I went to a church service…”.

    dude. you’re a fag. g0d HATES you.
    and you seem so genuinely concerned that stupid shit was said inside a church? that’s what they’re fucking built for.

  14. It’s also ridiculous reading the comments on “The Colbert Report” facebook page posts. So many comments from dogshit stupid people who think he’s a real conservative, instead of a comedian mocking conservatives.

  15. @13 I hear you. But long story short, I went because of family, not because of church. My younger brother was ordained as a minister.

    I used to be an insider at church, I know that there is a lot of chauvinism going on, like everywhere else. So, if you play your cards right, God doesn’t hate you, even if you are a fag.

    Haha… Who am I kidding? If you are a fag, there are no cards you can play to not be hated. But anyway, like I said, I went because of family. I don’t hate back. And pretty much everyone that knows me, knows that I am a fag… So, I wasn’t just pretending there either. Just being a good sport. Plus I got to see and hang out with my 3 year old nephew.

  16. Holy shit….America, fuck yeah

  17. #14, you do realize those people are joking, or trolling, right? Anyone stupid enough to believe he’s a real conservative is not going to be able to use a computer.

  18. good grief, velocirrober, how hard does your bro have to pray for your salvation? Did your mum make him go and become a sky-pilot just to make up for the shame of you?

    please tell me that this is going to end in a shirtless, oiled-up struggle between the forces of good – and the forces of made-up, bronze-age, superstitious bullshit?

  19. I hope it does… I’m praying for it… 😉

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