Friday, January 18, 2013

Heil Helen

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  2. Socialist, yes. Nazi, no. But the fact that she was a socialist wasnt really advertised.

  3. What the Hell-en Keller!

  4. This Charming Man

    Helen Keller could ‘not see’. Simple mistake. . .

  5. Don’t fucking start! First it starts with “not see” then she gets called a “blind follower”, and then ten more sob’s come in with their gay ass puns and it turn into a huge circlejerk of clever assholes. Just fucking stop it now before this shit gets out of hand.

  6. ^ Why? It’s not like she’d have been able to hear any of it.

    Also, that quote sounds like it came from a rapist “I have no time to ponder over that which has been denied, [as I’m gunna butt fuck it anyway]”.

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  8. It was really awkward when she was put in charge of the Nazi detail in the Sound of Music…

  9. Even though I was forced to study that broad in grade school, I don’t know how I missed that quote. I do believe you make a good point, Crusty. That sounds like a horribly eloquent and polite way for a rapist to say you’re getting raped whether you like it or not. If only there was a meme for this…hmmm..quick! Somebody find a creepy rapist picture to slap that quote Crusty posted on!

  10. and hurry….You can be attributed to being the first person to create a creepy lamebook rapist oc! Well, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but, like, still, just do it already!

  11. I only know who Helen Keller is thanks to lamebook. And perhaps South Park or Family Guy, one of those kinds of shows.

    Capn, if you make up a rapist pic and post it I promise to like and reblog.

  12. No doubt the OP’er is an Obama voter.

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