Monday, February 6, 2012


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  1. This screams “bullshit”.

  2. vaginalroundhouse

    Yeah men cant use sex as a weapon. So apparently there was a football game on over the weekend.

  3. How do you get pulled over on suspicion of narcotics use?

    Were you using a bong?

  4. He was sticking a pipe up his b-hole.

  5. what’s a b-hole??

  6. It’s a blow hole, like what whales have.

  7. Apparently dolphins are raping sons of bitches, and fuck each others’ blow holes when they’re not picking up with the ladies.

  8. They aren’t raping, they’re bisexual. The female dolphins nose each other out too.

  9. If you get fucked from above when you’re not expecting it, I call that surprise sex, or rape. But maybe they like it too; I don’t know.

  10. ^one of your best features is how non-judgmental you are.
    I’d like to be more like you, but I’m afraid I’m far too much of a terrible cunt of a person..

  11. He still gave him a ticket, so he could not have been that impressed…or he left room for “bargaining”

  12. Don’t fuck with dolphins. They’re badass. They rape sharks, and then they kill the sharks with their faces.

  13. is that why they get disableds to ‘swim with the dolphins’? just to troll them into sea mammal rape?

  14. Thats exactly why swimming with dolphins is said to be therapeutic

  15. well, I can scratch it out now, anyway. I just rang to book a ‘swimming-with-dolphins’ thing and they said I wasn’t allowed to do it.
    I guess I shouldn’t have asked if they supplied the condoms, or if the dolphins were tested for STIs regularly.

  16. Speaking from experience (that’s right), you don’t need to use condoms with a dolphin. Just a wetsuit.

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