Friday, February 3, 2012

I’ll Keep that in Mind

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  1. screw starwarz
    oh, and FIRST BITCHES!

  2. Adam wins.
    Flawless victory.


  4. Paranoid Android72

    I’m just gonna stick to saying cunt sporadically, much safer ground, that and insulting Americans.

  5. Insulting Americans is always a good idea.

  6. Yes, but it gets tedious and is almost always lost on them anyway. . .

  7. I am an American, and I approve of you insulting Americans. Fuck us.. arrogant greedy assholes.

  8. Paranoid Android72

    Arseholes – much better than assholes which conjures up images of a donkey’s anus. Now, do I make a bestiality joke or not?

  9. So, you’d rather we Americans be referred to as human anuses than donkey anuses? Interesting. I guess there is something worse in the world than an American.

  10. Paranoid Android72

    To save any further debate, we’ll just say you’re all cunts.

  11. I fuckin’ hate when people say “arsehole”.. Fuck off, the correct term is asshole. Thats one thing we Americans got right bitch!

  12. I agree that it’s something that Americans have got right. As an Aussie, I say “arsehole” (except when singing along to the Denis Leary classic, of course), but I always write it as “asshole”. It just looks better.

  13. I love saying ‘zee’ instead of ‘zed’. Aussies hit the fucking roof when you do that.

  14. ‘Arsehole’ sounds much better than ‘asshole,’ you arseholes.
    ‘Ass’ is of course the lazy American cunts’ way of saying ‘arse.’

  15. I’ve always been a fan of the Scottish pronunciation; it’s almost like there are three Rs in there. “Arrrse”. It’s fookin’ magical.

  16. That’s stupid, my way was better.

  17. what was your way? being a pain in my anus?

  18. p.s. that’s almost clever. the subtle rearranging of those two letters and it still looks like my name. so people will think whatever gems you’re sure to come up with will be me.
    Hang on, I’ll just tape up my sides before we go on. I don’t want them to split. With my laughter. At your jokes.

  19. Fuck you, Thorpe. I don’t have the necessary attention-to-detail skills required to notice who’s who.

    I thought for a second there that MsAnne had gone split personality on us.

  20. Ohh shit. I find this hilarious. I’m not sure if it’s because MsAnneThrope is kinda getting her identity stolen, or just the fact that shit on Lamebook comment threads just got serious enough to warrant identity-theft.
    Either way, I like the direction this is going. Carry on.

  21. Damn, I thought Anne finally showed her mental instability on the internet because she was unable to control it.

  22. ^I’ve never once claimed I was stable, MarioLizard. So, wtf?

  23. hahaa.. had to reread your comments twice before I realized that wasnt you MsAnne. lol, I gotta give it up to Thorpe tho.. pretty good idea.

  24. Ooooh 2 MsAnnes, I hope shit hits the fan soon

  25. I am with Bacchante.. I thought the MsAnne that was here the other day playing nice and the old MsAnne were having some sort of identity crisis. So was the thrope that was being nice the other day the same thrope we love to hate, or had the new thorpe showed up?

  26. Oh Lawd have Mercy, I realized that I said “had the new thorpe showed up” as soon as I hit submit. That was a typo and I have never said that sentence out loud 😉 Forgiven requested.

  27. Damn it! Forgiveness requested! That’s it, I’m leaving to beat my own head in with a dictionary.

  28. ^POIDH

  29. Adam FTW

  30. ^gay

  31. ^ Asks strangers to suck on his little willy (see comments to previous post).

  32. If I had a dick, I would totally ask strangers to suck it. I wouldn’t want to offend the people I actually KNOW.

  33. The world can suck my dick, no probs.

  34. I’ll even hold it’s hair back.

  35. Beware the gag reflex. Cover your shoes maybe.

  36. that would give a whole new dimension to the phrase ‘fill your boots’.

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