Friday, July 13, 2012


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  1. that’s hot.

  2. Terminated.

  3. Lol lawyered…

  4. I fucked Kyle.

  5. hootie the blowfish

    Kyle told me it was the other way around, 9.

  6. Only 3 posts today? It’s Friday the 13th, and no one had anything lame in their fb feeds today? I’m disappointed.

  7. Got em

  8. Incorrect, hootie. I also fucked you.

  9. I doubt that 9. Hootie woulda bent you over and raped you like everyone else does.

  10. Ripley, you clearly don’t understand how it works around here.
    let me clue ya in – if any mope found any particularly fascinating bit of mucous on their fæcebook feed on Friday 13th, and submitted here, the efficient staff of highly-skilled professionals who run this site will undoubtedly get around to posting it. maybe even as soon as easter 2015.

  11. Can’t believe I’m saying this but you’re right on that account. A pack of highly trained monkeys operate quicker than them.

  12. ^and spend far less time sitting around wanking.

  13. Ken shoulda whipped his cock out and enjoyed the show. Most likely they stop but if they don’t, at least he gets an orgasm out of it.

  14. When I was in high school I remember fingering a girl on the bus on the way back from school. It was enjoyable and the bus driver was too deaf to hear the moaning coming from aisle 12. It would be one of my greatest moments if the girl wouldn’t have been my sister….

  15. ^and by sister, you mean pet goat?

  16. A buddy of mine got a blowjob while riding a Greyhound once. This is a common occurrence in the public transportation business. Haven’t you ever heard of TaxiCab Confessions?

  17. ^TaxiCab Confessions are fake.

  18. You seem angry t1000. Skynet not Putting out? Or did you get a spyware infection?

  19. Hi cunts!

  20. Herp

  21. hey herpes, glad you weren’t here. you would have hated it. there were even bigger fools – with even bigger mouths – than you here. it was really quite dreadful.
    but that’s not really why I’m glad you weren’t here. Oh no.
    I’m glad you weren’t here because you are the worst kind of cunt.

  22. I thought you died already herpe. Or at least gotten your arse teamed out a few times more.

  23. Aw, bless. Looks like Ms Anne has a second account to play wiith. How sweet.

  24. Dogs are horrid creatures.

  25. so, why not fuck off and tell all your friend about your fascinating fucking conspiracy theories, cavecunt?

  26. What a very pathetic putdown. No need to throw a tantrum because your little scheme was discovered, junior.

  27. Coming from a cocksucker like yOu that’s rich. You remind me of my little brother. Come into to stir shit, bite of more thanyou can chew then fuck off crying. You and Semtex oughta get bed together. Guarantee that yOu both swap notes on how to plot MS’s downfall or be the bane of lamebook. Fuckwitts

  28. Just stick to one account and don’t make yourself seem like a fool, kiddo. Or at least try to type in a different tone. You’re just embarrassing yourself now. Cry on.

  29. do you honestly think I give a fuck what you say? I mean, really?
    who the fuck even are you here? just some nobody, that’s who. and with all the charisma of a turd in a sleeping bag.
    if you think ’embarrassing yourself’ is a real thing online, then you’re not only a muppet, you’re a fuckmuppet.

    fuck off with your teenage bullshit.

  30. Don’t get me mistaken for MS you fucking stupid pimpled arse emo cunt. Just because your intelligence quota matches your name doesn’t mean you need to come on here acting like it. Grow half a brain you dumbfuck. You need to realize that embarrassment online isn’t a real thing though I have doubts that you can differentiate between what’s real and what’s not. I bet you spend your whole social life playing games online locked in your room and you get your limited real life friends to call you reaper just so you feel big n bad arse. I bet you’re still a virgin too captain cavemouse. You are aren’t you?

  31. Yay! No more posts since Friday! Happy fucking Monday, assholes!

  32. Yeah..happy monday…fuck you too!

  33. 😀

  34. I smell butthurt

  35. I love the smell of butthurt in the morning.

  36. I just wish they’d keep in in their pampers, though, franky.

    one simpleton’s fingerpainting masterpiece really is just a load of crap to the rest of the room.

  37. Filthy.

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