Friday, July 13, 2012


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  1. Oh, no.

  2. T1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ^ ‘hero’ does not mean ‘kinda drab and pathetic’.

  4. It might just that in England though.

  5. throw the word mean in there and you have yourself a sentence.

  6. Yeah, where is that tool at? I mean, not that I miss him, but I kinda thought he’d be all over this like flies on shit. Or, shit on a public loo wall.
    I am SO bridging the gap, it’s not even funny. No, really, it’s not that funny.

  7. I find it humorous because I am drab and pathetic. Right MsAnny?

  8. ^who gives a shit, loser?

  9. Apparently you give enough shits to take precious time out of your day to slight an apparent ‘drab pathetic…loser’ on a lame book wall rather than comment on the actual post

  10. In fact, it sure looks like you are the only one who actually does give a shit. What does that make you MsAnny? Does that make you lively and dignified? Or does that just make you a hater…I think the later

  11. ‘lively and dignified’? what the fuck, this isn’t teeko’s ‘moving with the oldies’ jazzercize class, you fucking moron.

  12. somebody with some sense help her figure out why I used those words because clearly it is too daunting of a task for her. Or maybe this will help…you are such a winner MsAnny

  13. Oh, yes. I’ve been expecting this one.

  14. It is my sincere hope that T-1000 catches a raging case of terminal Syphilis, triggering a delusional psychosis that prompts him to seal MsAnneThrope and that Steeeevvveeeerrrrrr bastard in a oil drum before swan-diving all three of them into a pit of molten steel in a murder-suicide event that will be jubilantly hailed across the entire internet like the fall of the fucking Galactic Empire.

  15. Peace.

  16. Finalthread, that was my plan all along.

  17. I’m cool tho right, finalthread? By the way, I fucked Cynthia Vega.

  18. ^No, you are not cool. Pathetic yes. But not cool.

  19. Wasn’t talkin to you, hawkbit. I fucked your mom, she’s fat.

  20. man, sometimes the pain just never goes away, does it finalthread?
    you still walking bowlegged after our last encounter, huh? I think ripp3r has some ointment for that…

  21. the police are fake. the blue uniforms are real, the guns are real, the cars are real, but police are a social fiction.

  22. Correct. ^

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