Thursday, June 28, 2012

Granny Gets Salty

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  1. What about Veruca Salt?

  2. His Grandmama said “through?”

  3. Only marijuana was found in the weird humans blood.

  4. Good for Grandmama, too much salt is bad for you.

  5. ^yeah frankenstein. now she’ll live even longer.
    and we can never have too many stupid people on this planet now, can we?
    CAN WE?

  6. She shore dun it now

  7. Well we do have to keep some around for our amusement, MsAnne. And being a grandma I assume she is past breeding age.. of course I could be wrong in this particular instance.

  8. I would think for Grandma to “soar,” she’d need all the bath salts she can get.

  9. may as well say it before 9 does… just for kicks.
    ” i fucked grandmama”


  10. oooh. and i forgot..

    “This is fake”…..

    “Granny got terminated…”

    dumbfuck wanna be robot

  11. This is fake.

    Grandmama got terminated.

    Low IQ human.

  12. #5–feel free to reduce that number by one…you know what to do

  13. Based on the city of origin and name of the grandson, I’m gonna take a wild guess and say this is a black family. In which case, the misspellings are not at all surprising.

  14. @13 – My thoughts exactly.

  15. Grandmama’s jaw wouldn’t be so sore if she wasn’t out sucking dick for crack all night….whore

  16. @12: Murder-suicide? You and ________. (fill in the blank, and I called you can’t put me there. HA!)

  17. @12 is one of my fave types of walkers.
    angry and confused and forever walking in a circle, snarling incoherently.

  18. … and mouthbreatinhg. Can’t forget the mouthbreathing.

  19. ^sometimes when the butthurt is bubbling out of the ragged holes in its throat just right, it sort of sounds like words a human would make.

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