Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cameron Calls It

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  1. Sammi is fake.

  2. This isn’t even from FB. It’s from OMG Draw! website at the top.

  3. Dawn of the Dan

    How come Cameron isn’t blurred?
    Is it because he’s black?

  4. Only black people smoke crack.

  5. I fucked Sammi while I was high as shit on crack.

  6. look at Sammi being all coy about the black cock.
    racist ho.

  7. Black men will say anything to get tail/

  8. All men will say anything to get tail. It’s not a racial thing, it’s a gender thing

  9. ^ How would you know what men are / are not willing to do for sex, considering you don’t have “the parts”?

  10. “any parts at all.”

  11. @9 Bacchante: Because she remembers how hot she [thought she] was in 1967, and how all the boys used to try and court her and go steady.

  12. I hate when women and gay men get all stuck up because someone hits on them, sexually or not. A simple “no” would have sufficed… Or just ignoring it.

  13. When I was in the Jungle, we’d do anything for tail. Anything. R&R was a great time to fly out, get a crack whore and fly back in.. and not miss another battle

  14. “All men” is such a horrible assumption. Some of us don’t have to SAY anything. REAL men, like me, for example, just whip it out and hit ’em over the head with it before dragging them off to your cave and making sweet sweet love to their wiggling body…and when they come to, just offer them a bisquit, drink your tea, and grin as they thank you with a blowjob for showing them such a good time. Some people need to grow the fuck up and stop ASKING for permission…consent is implied with a passing ‘fuck me now’ glimmer in their eyes. Anyone with at least half a brain knows this shit, it’s common sense…

  15. Ahh, Capn. You were born a thousand years too late.

  16. ^or too early?
    either way, seems clear he shouldn’t be been born now.

  17. Lets just assume that I did go through this whole “birthing” process, because it’s totally impossible to think I was grown in a clandestine government lab or anything, right? Maybe I was born in the wrong century, the typical romanticized vision of a pirates life is so outdated, all of the sudden it’s considered wrong, and illegal to pillage and plunder the rich fucks in south florida whilst wearing an eyepatch and tri-corner hat. What is clear though, is that I definitely don’t belong in the same category as your typical mouthbreather we all encounter in our daily life.

  18. hell, crap NO, capn!
    you’re way more specialler than allll the other snowflakes put together.

  19. Well, thank you….’bout time you came around and admitted it.

  20. Dawn of the Dan

    *too late…

  21. The OP thread goes on for quite a while. It’s pretty funny. Cameron is a troll, and he gathers an interesting crowd.

  22. Cracked up when she saw… what? Don’t leave me hanging here!

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