Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pretty Bird


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  1. hey that’s like a female version of me!

  2. the nacho cheese one actually kinda owns-_-

  3. This is so po*py. Lamebook is like mean. I love summer vacay cuz I’m 12 cuz like 12 year olds rock. Who wants to go to the mall.

  4. hungryforlinnea

    I want this Linnea girl to stick that finger in my place where the sun don’t shine. She’s a sexy biatch

  5. Nice one AD. You’re very mature. Nice burn.

  6. shall we dance?

    everyone knows Angela’s boyfriend is gay….except Angela.

  7. This is so Third Grade.

    Shall We Dance? = best quote ever!

  8. Blink-182 bitch!

    She’s hot

  9. noyb —


  10. I like her. She’s abrasive, but I like her.

  11. I love how her forehead is blurred.

  12. oh what i would give to be sweaty and smell like nacho cheese!! and i think i will take her advice! i mean she obviously is the coolest damn bitch in the whole world!!

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