Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This. Is. Pretty. Lame.

This Is Pretty Lame

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  1. i honestly hope this person dies of aids

  2. i agree^^


  4. two words: Fat Arms

  5. George R. Brown

    Eyebrows. Cross. Foot. Richard Nixon.

  6. Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day?

  7. This isn’t that bad?

  8. i love you 4?

  9. What is the point?! Stupid girl.

  10. boxxy attempt?

  11. Nope. Just being asian.

  12. its kinda sweet and creative.. dont see what the big deal is here

  13. Eyes cold you four? i don’t get it

  14. I love you, peace?
    I see picks like this to often. It just isn’t lame enough. Eh.

  15. I love you George R. Brown.

  16. I’ll smoosh you to pieces?

  17. YMCA?

  18. If she did this for someone in particular, why did she have to post it publicly? That’s what makes me crazy- it might actually be a really sweet gesture, but not when put up for others to see. Then it loses meaning. It’s all about getting validation for being ‘cute’ or ‘creative’ instead of a thoughtful gift.

  19. It’s a sweet gesture, don’t see much lameness here.

  20. Look at the album title – For.You.From.Me
    The pics are posted out of order.
    Correct order is RH bottom, LH bottom, LH top, RH top.

  21. shes saying “i love you too” in sign language idiots.

  22. Actually, she’s saying eye love you peace in sign language.
    If she was actually trying to say I love you in signlanguage she would have done this:

  23. love her cleavage tanline

  24. Two words: Photo booth.
    She’s one of those people who would buy a Mac just for stupid and annoying effects.
    On the other hand, the don’t get a Mac because the X is on the other side of the window.

  25. Christ on a cracker


  26. @25 Thank you so much for being the voice or intelligence and maturity.

  27. OF* Sorry. It’s late and I’m tired.

  28. It’s not I love you peace… There are 2 peace signs. So I believe it is. “I love you, 2 pieces”

  29. Don’t get it.

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