Thursday, May 2, 2013

Douche Delivery

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  1. I hate you all.

  2. beatusmongous

    Haylee, just block your brother from your friend list.

  3. I know for a FACT that Hayler is a disgusting filthy cum-dumpster. I heard she throated 12 hung studs before taking 3 hard cocks in her tight asshole, then gargled on thick hot cum. Dustin has a vagina.

  4. She is full of shit. She would fuck him for $10 and a bag of Doritos. Not even a big bag but one of those snack size ones.

  5. Dawn of the Dan

    I’ve got 305 over here, Haylee.

  6. I would sleep with anyone or anything for 1 million dollars.
    I would sleep with Elsi dude for 1 million dollars. Twice even.
    I would orally pleasure Ed McMahons corpse for 1 Million dollars.
    Anyone who says they wouldn’t accept 1 million dollars to have some douche stuff their manbits up your booty valve is full of shit.
    Seriously, whats a few minutes of your time really worth? Too proud? pffft

  7. and LOL’n at Beatus’ comment

  8. Honestly, when it comes to sex, why almost everyone always blames the women?
    Ugh, men.
    It’s clearly Dustin who’s being a douche and look down on women.
    He can be the next rapist in town.

  9. Statutorylove


  10. Haylee looks topless in the photo. You can totally see her cleavage crack. Put a shirt on, whore.
    As for Dustin, I wouldn’t say it’s his fault, when Haylee looks like she’s naked in her profile pic. He probably thought she was a hooker, since he offered a good $100 and an ultimatum of $300 to her.

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