Saturday, May 16, 2009

Esto Es Lame


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  1. another Matthew

    Two burritos, a taco, AND a chalupa?

  2. He’s a guy; he probably eats a 1/2 burger, large fries, and a slice of pie at an American diner, and still has room for pizza a few hours later. The “green sauce” remark makes me think these people are New Mexicans, where chile sauce runs through everyone’s veins — am I right?

  3. They eat big meals in Texas…..seriously. It’s really common.

    This post was from people in Amarillo, Texas.
    You can google “El Patron, Amarillo Texas” and it’s on Georgia Street.

  4. Editor in Chieftess

    I love how Nicki says you don’t have to be highly educated to work in a fast food joint, obviously you also don’t need to be highly educated to post stupid comments on somebody’s FB status either.

  5. Complaining about 10 bucks for fastfood??! Priceless…

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