Thursday, April 30, 2009

Surprise! You’re Lame!


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  1. YIKES

  2. lmao pathetic much?

    the boyfriend is definitely cheating on that bitch

  3. somebody is an obsessive psycho…

  4. she has definitely made it on here twice now… “thanks & gig ’em” D

  5. when is this girl’s bday exactly?

  6. I really don’t want her here in Australia.

  7. Hahaha @ Kaz.

    I want to know what her birthday surprise was!! I am praying to god that it was something unbelievably shit.

  8. This is embarrassing…

  9. Stalker much?

  10. Dannielle, you had me at “im an idiot”.

  11. sooooo what was the surprise?

    was it, surprise! i gave you the clap! ?

  12. She’s on here twice!

  13. Joe…
    you own.

  14. all the posts arent in order…

  15. @chipits45

    read them from bottom to top… retard

  16. obsessive has never been in style.

  17. Wow cling much?

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