Thursday, April 30, 2009

Full Cup of Lame



Who doesn’t like a good recipe? Recently I found a great one for some no-bean chili … and boy was it good. But honestly, (maybe I’m alone here), I have never ever once in my whole life wondered what the recipe for a good teacher is. Ever. I just can’t help but wonder where the hell this came from. Did this come from Jessica’s brain? Did she make this shit up? Or did it come from one of those cutesy teacher books that are only sold in stores with wooden crafts on the wall? Point is, it doesn’t matter. You can’t use the metric system for things such as “knowledge” or “dedication” … it’s impossible … and ridiculous. And how the hell do you grab a “pinch of humility?” Growing up, my recipe for a good teacher was a bunch of leaving me alone, a whole lotta hotness, and good deal of looking the other way. So thank you Jessica for making this post, but I’m afraid this list will not make it into anyone’s recipe box.

♥ The Editors

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  1. I like that by her standards teaching only requires 25% mastery of her subject.

  2. DAMN!!! This has to be one of the lamest posts I have EVER seen!!! WOW!!!

  3. Who cares. Your just gonna shit it all out later.

  4. i bet her students hate her.

  5. whoa flashback to Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy.
    she left off the best part though..

    “…the ovens are our hearts.”
    “Come with me i’ve got pieeeeee, Happiness pie!”

  6. hahah garrett

  7. so you only have 1 cup of teacher in the end?

  8. Uh, they were using the Imperial system of measurement, not the Metric system. (Or you could say that they were using the US Customary Units system. Either way.)

  9. This teacher is probably responsible for many other lamebook postings. Shame.

  10. Re: the editor’s comments…since when does the metric system use 1/4 cups?

  11. Re: Re: the editor’s comments…since when does the metric system use 1/4 cups?


  12. Okay, this post is dorky, but I still don’t think it deserved to be run down so very hard. Be nice….

    On another note…. Only “1/4 cup of knowledge”?!?!?!

  13. I bet she has this crocheted on some kind of douche-y wall-hanging. Complete with the requisite apple border.

  14. Oh my. I have a feeling that she thinks she’s a good teacher, but that her students absolutely despise her…

  15. uhhh…she’s obviously never taught in the waco projects.

  16. this bitch neeeeds to be shot by one of her students. I will pray this comes true.

  17. fistacular – that is completely uncalled for.

    Yes, she’s lame, but at least she’s (obviously) much better than any of your teachers ever were – otherwise you might show an ounce of intelligence.

    Either way, I’ll pray you get raped in the eye socket with a rusty jackhammer.

    Good day!

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