Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Uninvited


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  1. Something tells me, they’re Self conscious.

  2. Can I keep the $5?

  3. @Dr. Hymen- why on earth would you want pooter-money?

  4. Sounds like if the uninvited were invited, that party would be an orgy!

  5. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    Sounds like if the uninvited were invited, that party would be an orgy!

  6. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I’m sure we can all make lists like this one.

  7. Sounds like if the uninvited were invited, that party would be an orgy!

  8. I like that Lindsey has no explination, or an extemely vulgar one that Lamebook had to censor

  9. LOHAN!!!!!!!!!! duh!

  10. [strike]wtf[/strike]

  11. @Thesaurapist
    LMAO – was that a combination of trying out the crossing out thing and pointing out that someone is multi posting the same post under different names?

    @Dr Hymen (and @Wow…) – you are cracking me up!

    @Tristan – cat got your tongue?

  12. I tried to post something but I failed, so as I hang my head in shame, I do have one bright, shining light to this…

    At least I didn’t make the list….

  13. Sounds like if the uninvited were invited, that party would be an orgy!

  14. hahahaha i iz w@nt ;leah8 az i noe gitt layed

  15. WTF

  16. I just got one thing to say


  18. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    @nor’n monkey

    Yup, that’s exactly what I was trying to do . . . probably completely blown my cool now though . . .

  19. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    Or not . . .
    I feel slightly lame for being so excited to discover I could use basic text tags on a board (I mean, who’d have thought?)
    I’ll be straight over to try it out on FB next . . .
    How useful would wow, you were first! be round here?

  20. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    oops – *[sarcasm]wow, you were first![/sarcasm]

    (I guess the less than and more than signs are invisble whatever you do with them)

  21. This is hiiilarious.

  22. learnin'somethingnew

    Just wanted to see if it worked:)

  23. yo

  24. I was the one who posted this. Just so you all can get a little more information, they posted this as a note, and these people were uninvited from the girl’s 16th birthday party. They all were uninvited because the group got in a fight, and Lindsey doesn’t have a description because the girl that posted the note likes her, I think. Pretty fucked up. 🙂

  25. hahahahaha i saw this on my facebook not too long ago and pissed myself laughing and i still find it funny

  26. Wow…..what a bitch. Makes me wanna dump shit on her face.

  27. actually, to all of those who say this was presented behind their backs, it was actually my 2 friends who made this note, and it was sent right to the people and it was funny as shit xD btwm these girls are hoes, and lindsay, well thats another story..

  28. @All the people trying to justify this, you’re making it look even more pathetic

  29. ^ win!
    aah you just made my day :’)

  30. The fact that the host knows about these guys’ dicks and personal hygiene suggests to me that she is indeed as much of a “slut” and “hypocrit” as the rest of her close ‘friends’.

    Also, since when does does “pooter” mean vagina? Where did that come from?

  31. @81 Pooter = asshole, yes? Yes.

  32. John Players Standard

    Would for sure wanna party with that host. NOT fuck yourself you stupid prissy bitch. Oh yeah and try to pull that stick out of your ass.

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