Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Twilight Saga: One and the Same


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  1. Can’t stand this Twilight bullshit anymore. On a sunday drive, my family and I stopped at a pizza place in Forks, WA (we live a couple of hours away from there) for lunch. All the damn waitress could talk about was all the filming they did there and if we were interested in having their “Bella Burger”.

    I told her to hold on to the fame cause that is all Forks has to offer. That place is a shithole.


    P.S. Keep looking for your tip, Katie! It has to be there somewhere, sweetie!

  2. @Spike – LMAO. I think I would watch that too…

    @Tristan – DON’T STOP IN FORKS!

  3. @ nor’n monkey

    I don’t have a choice now, my wife has banned us from ever entering that town again, if you can call it a town. The dumb bitch who wrote it could have picked a better town than Forks. Sheesh, what a fail author….

  4. @ Tristan
    u ley ur wife dictate were u can go?!

    twilight is not FTW, watching it is like making love to a hooly bush. ouch!

  5. @ nosh

    I didn’t exactly want, nor wish to argue with her at that point cause Forks sucks like a happy drunk sorority chick. That place is surrounded by lots of Indian reservations, so it looks run down to me…

  6. Wow, Tristan. Way to be a “round about” racist.

  7. I had never seen or heard of this twilight shit, apart from people bagging it out on the net, so I looked some info up a while ago. My, it seemed fucking awful. I feel very lucky here in my little bubble of decent taste (and grateful that my mates aren’t retarded).

  8. righteous nailbat

    Cocks. Twilight sucks big ones.

  9. Haha, loved this.

  10. lol
    good one Will

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