Monday, January 25, 2010

Wins to Start the Week

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  1. ..ehem, AN aha experience

  2. Gank is Frodo

  3. @ KarlaEU idk = i don’t know

  4. Erm…

    Is it a crying smiley?
    I thought is was a penis/dick – whatsoever


  6. insert clever name here

    @mynameis – You were right the first time. It’s a crying smiley… like are laughing so hard you are crying… get it?

  7. insert clever name here

    oops…like *you are…

  8. I always thought it was a penis.
    8==D “short” hahahahaha. dick humor. gotta love it.

  9. Gank is a retart version of Frodo.

  10. ben FTW

  11. I think Debra’s problem is that she was homeschooled.

  12. Hey, Debra actually gave me innocence! I can now actually have a few glances at the 8====D and see a happily crying smiley 9 times out of 10!

    Btw notice that she made it noticeably longer the second time?

  13. That is one badly-proportioned crying smiley.

  14. (last one) its funny cuz its a penis! =]

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