Monday, January 25, 2010

More Rough Relationships

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  1. @jukaswo my bad, lol. i was tired and personally, i don’t care too much about being formal online (as i’m sure you can tell), but i don’t resent the effort to keep a little extra foolishness off the internet

  2. As Daisygirl says, you can easily find Tojah and from there her fiance and then it’s not difficult to identify “Luke”…who is single.
    At least these 2 people have someone in their lives to love and seem happy together.
    My guess is that Luke is jealous of his mate’s girl & would love a bit himself. He spends nights alone, spanking over this photo.

  3. Perhaps, Hobbes, perhaps. Or, on the other hand, Luke could subscribe to my own viewpoint on this, which is that I would much rather be single than have a fat, ugly partner.

  4. 3rd world guys made me laugh so hard.
    And Luke is a total ass.

  5. @ Gank: Your a 8===D.

  6. Are fat couples just drawn to each other by their own gravitational mass?

  7. News flash for fat people: If you don’t want people making fun of you, EAT LESS.

  8. Also @ Spanka: Hilarious.

  9. Oh come on now, you guys are just taking the fat thing WAY too far. If fat people could become skinny just by eating less we wouldn’t have such an obesity epidemic on our hands. Most of the time over eating and laziness is coupled with some kind of psychological problem or disorder. And I personally fully believe that most overweight people couldn’t help themselves. In the time and age we live in we have made it too easy for them to be unmotivated, lazy, and obese. We have failed as a whole on this one.

  10. Oh. Fat person spotted.

  11. lmao@spastix #56

    @Gank – Any port in a storm…

  12. Hmm… wish there was a way to find some of the photos on here sometime and match them to a profile… this one looks like my ex…

  13. “She only eats the occasional sweet…fucking three-piece suite!”

    “ooh, it’s big bones, yeah, big bones covered in meat and gravy!”

  14. Consider this: Tojah and her man both use that photo as their profile pics. Now THAT’S lame.

  15. “In other words that you can understand, I’m a hot b!tch who gets more approving looks than you ever have from your mirror.”

    Lol what a desperate and transparent need for validation. “Oh I’m super hot, btw.” So vacuous…

  16. No hmb123 I don’t need validation, I know that when someone who hase never met me says that I am a fat loser for sticking up for a heavy set girl I tend to get mad. So yeah I sounded immature but I am not a “fatty” sticking up for another “fatty” but just a person who thought Luke was a jerk for making fun of either one of his friends.

  17. So I checked out the page of the downgrading exes. Was pretty disappointed; basically jilted lovers post the best possible photos of themselves beside the worst picture of their ex’s new squeeze and say “He left me for THIS?!”
    Required response from other group members? “Oh my God he must be blind, what a loser!”
    The whole page reeks of desperation and insecurity.

  18. @ spastix

    Yessss! You WIN for quoting Ricky Gervais.

  19. Jesus, Pugged, you’re not helping your case here.

    Every time I read a post of yours, all I can see is a fat hambeast, incoherently bashing away at a keyboard because her fingers are too chubby to type properly. Eventually, after tears and recrimination, you get your typing stick, and spew some bollocks about how you’re not a loser onto Lamebook while gnawing plaintively on a discarded chicken leg.

    You go girl.

  20. Woo! Fighting on the internet! Because it matters! You go get ’em!

  21. @ misanthropic4u I should say that I became a member of this site for the sole purpose of responding to your comment. I agree with you on that fat people cannot effectively change their appearance simply by eating less, it would certainly help if they consumed fewer calories, made healthier food choices and and put a bit of exercise in their schedule. I hope that you do not truly believe that psychological disorders are any more than a negligible factor in this epidemic of obesity, to paraphrase your words. Just because you do not want to believe that people can actually bring something on themselves and be 100% accountable for their own self-destructive actions does not make it so. People say that eating relieves stress… Do you know what I do to relieve stress? I go to the gym, I go running, I play soccer, I make healthy choices, as do the vast majority of the people I know. People tend to forget, or, perhaps more often they ignore that man is a volitional creature, a being that makes choices and is responsible for the outcomes of those choices. To say, as you have, that the world has made it too easy to be fat and therefore is at fault for the choices of it’s inhabitants is absurd to an astronomical degree. Those who choose badly for the sake of laziness or convenience or whatever word you wrap around it still had a choice just like all those who went a different path. Just because a road is more traveled does not mean it should be taken when there is road that is more difficult but also more inherently good. To wrap this up, what people see in the mirror is of their own doing, no matter how you stretch it or warp it or twist it or abuse it.

  22. @RolandDeschain19 – Tell that to the woman who just had a baby and gained 30 pounds during pregnancy. Her weight doesn’t just fall off, even if she gets right back into the gym and on a diet. Or the 9 year old child who’s parents only feed him junk food and he’s never known better. Those are really the only instances, though, that I can lay some of the blame on things other than personal choices.

  23. Ronald, aren’t you just so lucky that your flaws are all hidden from the world.

    (Until you open your mouth.)

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