Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday TypOHs!






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  1. Ermm leannette. Its past tense.

  2. I hate it when people rape the English language in public.

  3. @Lajeve

  4. @ ZOMFG
    It’s Jeanette. Don’t correct if you can’t spell properly either.
    Which is why Jeanette shouldn’t be tutoring.

    I didn’t even bother trying to read “Candy”‘s status. I got as far as “DHA” and stopped when I realized she didn’t accidentally hit ‘h’ instead of ‘n’.

  5. Lacy could have come up with something way better

  6. I’m guessing that Candy’s first period is English…

  7. Errr, @Finn, I don’t think she meant “DNA” – it was “DHA”, better known as ‘the’.

  8. Sorry, I meant @Remo

    Translation of Candy: “All the niggas and fake bitches that have got my number: delete it. I found the one I have been looking for and don’t need you all trying to come between… I’m Willie’s, so go on and move around… I’m that one in a million… [weird name insert]
    I love my brother Malcom, Mom, Katie and Willie. Stay strong… Gotta go to class. I missed my first period. Oooops.”

  9. LOL and I need to learn to read Remo’s comment! LMAO, sorry!

  10. I like donovan Drunk at church he’s clearly been drinking the so called blood of christ.

  11. I second that shannah.Its hilarious how racists use sites like lamebook to voice their illogical and moronic opinions.

  12. ur right “D’Ellis” (if thats ur real name <_<) that clearly was NOT from the mind…


  14. @nor’n monkey

    yeah, I didn’t really think she meant DNA.
    thanks for the translation though, haha.

  15. Donovan is my hero, and his name rhymes with Jonathan which is my name 🙂

  16. I honestly do not know how people can understand that way of writing… it does not make sense… and I study foreign languages lol

  17. I think D’Ellis would like to buy a vowel, Pat…

  18. ah Candy… oh god… my brain hurts soooooo much!
    This makes me wish the world would end in 2012 just so this persons offspring can’t live long enough to be that stupid or worse!!

  19. Donovan is my hero… going to church drunk is pro.

  20. I know the last one….and she is indeed…WHITE.

  21. first one.. the one who commented, she’s telling the other one how to spell and use tenses.. ‘passed tense’ – ERR.. not PAST then?? dick lol

  22. Honestly – why do people chose to type like illiterate idiots. I’ve never understood the appeal of trying to disect a sentance that’s filled with 3’s & 0000’s & numbers for letters. It actually hurts my head. Really it does. Must be some sort of code for the terminally stupid.

  23. Okay, I understand the need to take shortcuts when you’re sending texts, especially if you don’t have a touch or qwerty board on your phone, but come on, not when you’re using a full sized computer keyboard!! Why do these kids type like a bunch of illiterate morons? In all honesty, it makes them look STUPID! They’re clearly unaware of that! My eyes starting bleeding trying to read Candy’s status and that was after reading D’Ellis’, thinking that was bad!

    Comment #12 was awesome!! 🙂

  24. i always wondered how long it takes people to purposely spell incorrectly. i mean really? you’d think they could have a better use of their time.

    in general though, i think m IQ dropped 30 points, and i may need to take English as a second language.

  25. The sad part about this, is not only do the kids TYPE like this, they SPEAK like this. It is easier to decipher the text than to figure out what they have said.

  26. i just wanna smack the shit out of kids that type,text and speak like that! Ugh!

  27. I know CANDY and she’s white, used to be the most country girl you’ve ever met.

  28. @ bahahaha

    Seeing as you know Candy can you tell her to get sterilized quickly, we don’t need more stupid people in this world.
    Thanks for helping the Human Race out.

  29. At least with a name like Candy she won’t have to think of a ‘stripper name’.

  30. LOL. Her name isn’t even Candy. Its Jennifer. Far from Candy, which I don’t understand.
    “crotch rott” was a term for her back in the day I’ve heard.

  31. @ Professor Grif

    Unfortunately, she’s actually pregnant by a black guy at the moment… and she’s like 19.

  32. D’Ellis’ heart needs a Spell Check XD

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