Monday, June 29, 2009

30 Minute Confessions

30 Minute Confessions

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  1. fags

  2. Everyone knows that a way to a girl’s heart is letters to her mom…

  3. Yes, talk to their moms …

  4. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s probably not LOVE if he’s so “idk” about it. Man, I don’t wanna see this kid actually in love. Scary shit right there.


  6. YES very LAMEbook worthy!

  7. i wonder if the girls saw this….

  8. They should stop pretending and just blow each other already.

  9. Oh my god. What pussies.

  10. I miss AIM.

  11. Uncle Harry Feltersnatch

    They both need to pull their tampons out and stop crying and acting like little pussies. Geesh! That was just disgusting.

  12. Don't feed the morons

    No way these guys are for real. Homo’s aren’t even this gay!

  13. how do you guys know these people? i dont ever see any of this type stuff appear naturally on my friend list.

  14. i agree with goose egg. i wish i had people like this to spice up my facebook page… jk
    i feel bad for the people who are friends with them that had to see that

  15. Anyone can submit their own “Lamebooks”. It’s not just one person/group of people.

  16. Overeager Morons

    ya, 3 voice mails? really?

  17. I think these boys mistook Facebook’s status-update window for an IM window. Ten bucks says Dan sent his “letter” to Kaitlyn’s mom via text message.

  18. fantastic stuff on here

    Holy, poor little bastards hey? Stalkers in the works. Meanwhile you know these chicks they are sobbing over are probably sitting on some other santas laps by now.

  19. the girls are done, moms or not. get over it and move the fuck on.

  20. omg, this reminds me of ‘be my motherlover’ so badly

  21. I think Dan and Jake are meant for each other. This was sickening, no wonder their girls left them

  22. Not gay, just extraordinarily pathetic. Makes me think of the song The Heist by the Lonely Island.

  23. Hey girls…your boyfriends just sent these cute annoying letters…both of you are grounded for ever associating with such in the first place!!!!

  24. That was just disgusting.

  25. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA what a joke

  26. how many times can you say BRO in a conervatoin…?!
    lameasses!!! ha

  27. The biggest concern i have about this conversation is the context. I mean, What kind of idiocy did these guys get caught doing that they’d have to go through the Mothers to win a girl back? And if their mistake is anything close to what i’m speculating, why the heck would they want to share that information in a public forum?!

  28. Dear. Sweet. Jesus.

    Not even in my most lovesick-est moments back when I was a hormonal teenaged girl was I this WEAK. Man up, Dan and Jake, grow some balls, and move ON already.

  29. I am so. so. so. glad I did not have facebook when I was in middle school.

  30. This reeks of desperation and Clearasil ….

  31. When I was young, the idea of never giving up on someone you love was considered romantic. Now it’s considered creepy. Sometimes it honestly is creepy, but usually it’s just an honestly broken heart crying out for another chance. What a world it’s become. 🙁

  32. I agree, Kevnar.

  33. stalkers!

  34. biggest pair of queers i’ve seen.. these two are literally trying to get their ex’s back whilst bumming each other for all to see. cheers lads

  35. lmao..this reminds me of the end of Pineapple Express for sum reason.

  36. @35: +1-

  37. 10*

  38. Bromance?

  39. These guys are so about to go gay.

  40. Holy shit… These guys are the biggest pussies ever!

  41. if I ever saw this fuckery on my newsfeed, I’d call 911.

    That’s an impending double-murder-suicide right there if I ever saw one.

    12 described this perfectly. Even homos are gagging.

  42. Christ on a cracker

    I say, forget the girls, move to SF and give it to each other in the ass!

  43. Yes. Talk to the mom! And send creepy letters! Worst. Plan. Ever.

  44. And I forgot: These guys are ment for each other. I hope they commit suicide together.

  45. Weird. I guess it’s touching in a way that they’re so earnest and all about these girls. But at least talk this out over the phone or something. No one wants to see this from girls OR guys. But especially not guys.

  46. Has anyone ever seen that Mark Walberg movie Fear? Cause that’s where these two are heading.

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