Monday, June 29, 2009

Yeah, Probably.


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  1. Yeah u "done" [did]..

    Talking like that yea

  2. Let me guess, she’s BLACK

  3. … or British.

  4. You? Fail english?! But that’s UNPOSSIBLE

  5. amanfa — if her profile pic is anything to go by, she’s probably not black

  6. no da…I mean duh…

  7. i’m indebted to Allie for the Ralph Wiggum reference.

  8. Haha holy crap.

    You can’t be serious.

    Hahahahaha. I hope she wasn’t surprised.

  9. Since when was being British any indication of poor intelligence, articulation, spelling or grammar?

    I hope that comment hasn’t come from an American, you’re hardly the paragons of any of the above.. USA! USA! USA! Derrrrr….

  10. What “British” said. Couldn’t have put it better myself.

  11. Actually, having lived in both the UK and America, I can say there are a LOT of British people that speak retardedly…they are called Chavs…and you all know this. Even more retarded than many Americans. So Sarah is right.

  12. She got an A, actually. It was another record-breaking year for the UK’s A-Level students.

    P.S. She’s a Chav !

  13. I think Sarah said British because in the US, people don’t usually say something is “crap” in that context. Someone wouldn’t say “I did crap on that” in the US, whereas in England, isn’t it common to say something along those lines?

  14. I did crap on yo face.

  15. me fail english?? that’s unpossible

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