Monday, June 29, 2009

Paging Dr. Douche….Dr. Douche


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  1. @ Nicci – nah theres nothing wrong with this, apart from that fact that before this guy would let you suck his dick, he would suck his own dick… if you get my drift.

  2. Haha what an arrogant douche. Honestly. And he is not hot!!
    @ Matt, LOL!

  3. thatswhat.shesaid

    i know all the guys that are hating this have beer guts..
    jealousy is a sickness.

  4. Yes, 53, I’m sure that’s exactly what it is. It can’t be that this guy is taking both a mirror AND a shirtless pic, flaunting his body to people that largely don’t care. Also, he has a tattoo below his armpit, is wearing a stethoscope in most of the pictures, and appears to be grabbing himself in half of them. In short: DOUCHEBAG.

  5. Christ on a cracker

    I bet you top money this douche is a stripper ’cause no way a guy with those abs has half a brain to study medicine! Just saying, the dude spends too much time on the gym and blowin’ his own dick…

    Still, can I have his last name? LOL

  6. “location: you know”
    yes actually, you’re in your douche (shower in french) coz we can see your douche curtain

  7. God I hate guys like this, they think they are so hot and awesome, when really they are just a fucking small nobody

    Ugly too

  8. paging Dr. Faggot! paging Dr. Faggot!

  9. Gah people…. are you girlies really that disgusted by this guy, or is it you looking at your fat ass boyfriend deemed clean up captain at taco bell???

    @ 57….I smell a porker…..and the stink puss…

  10. Dorkasaurus……

  11. @Leverhundar
    Ass-hattery! So funny. It made me pee.

  12. WTF does global warming have to do with these pics. Is he saying he’s a skinny twerp because it’s warm out?? This guy is a tool.

  13. Jerking off in the On-call room is generally frowned upon at most hospitals. If this freak is a real doctor, I am England’s next royal. Although, he could be a chiropractor! Haha. Or a male nurse. He’s probably a nurse’s aide on meth!

  14. I’m a little confused. Could someone please confirm if I’m really seeing this? In the pictures that El Douche isn’t wearing the stethescope, is he wearing a ROSERY? Also, I was unaware that Calvin Kline put out a Douchebags of Medical School underwear line.

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