Monday, June 29, 2009



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  1. Lmao… he’s probably cheating on you and laughing at the pathetic stuff you post on facebook… there’s no way he’s claiming that as his…

  2. I am so proud of myself for submitting this 😀

  3. *NYAH*

  4. She sounds mega annoying, i feel sorry for the boyfriend no wonder he had to get away!

  5. Decided: Amanfa is the worst commenter on Lamebook. Your shit stinks, I promise.

  6. its a shame she survived those 13 days

  7. the Boobie Watcher

    Since when has “:P” been the universal signal of passive aggressiveness?

  8. Bullspit.

  9. I didn’t know facebook played vinyl, played vinyl, played vinyl

  10. “music and anime”
    “music and anime”

    gawd damn Wasian.

  11. we the kings, lol

  12. Ugh.
    Gives those of us that are actually in a long distance relationship a bad name. I haven’t seen my boyfriend in over 2 months, and she whines about 2 weeks. Nigga, please.

  13. I always drown my sorrow in anime.

  14. This makes me ashamed of being female.

  15. Haha.
    Linds, same here! We should be buddies.

  16. so in other words… bullsPit!! hahaha! love it

  17. *nyah*


  18. @Ali:
    She’s not using *nyah* as a meow, she’s using it as a sound for sticking her tongue out.
    If that makes any sense.

  19. Yes, and I would like to punch her for that, and then say “nyah” as she is lying on the floor. But I’m sorry, I love hugglez! My friend used to say her baby was crankles.

  20. @Ruby … “Yes, and I would like to punch her for that, and then say “nyah” as she is lying on the floor.” FOR THE WIN!

    oh, and i WISH i could have 13 days away from my boyfriend. lol

  21. Jesus christ on a cracker, I hate clingy women. But at the same time, I love watching their entire perception of reality fall apart when they are not with their “man”. Fucking amazing.

  22. BrownChickenBrownCow

    As a marine wife, people like this really irritate me.

  23. Is “nyah” some kind of American abbreviation of a sort?

  24. @KarlaEU
    No, it’s meant to be kind of an “in your face” sound. Like “Ha, I’m right, so there.”

  25. Christ on a cracker

    I’m sure that after he saw that pathetic display, he decided to stay a few more days

  26. @22 Agreed. This is a whole new level of pathetic.

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