Friday, June 26, 2009

MJ Melt Down


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  1. Why is this worthy of Lamebook? I know at least ten people that have a variation of the “MJ is a pedophile” joke as their status.

  2. Fuck this guy.

  3. i kno so many ppl who got this thru text message tho lol

  4. Yeah, I saw someone with that. I almost defriended them.

  5. This is old I got this in a txt message

  6. asshole

  7. Ummm guys he did admittedly sleep with little boys. My Status said “The world lost an Iconic Musician, and little boys are a bit safer” Both of which in my eyes are true.

  8. Posting this was a fail on Lamebook’s part. This is mean and kind of lacking in wit, but it’s a running joke with tons of people. Why single this guy out? At least he bothered to use proper grammar.

  9. Claire, you are a failure.

  10. this is soo mean.
    why do ppl hate MJ
    if its cuz of his”molesting the boy”
    you dont even knoe if its true.
    kids atind to lie.
    im on Michael’s side.

  11. dickhead

  12. Lily 2 what do you want from me?

  13. Michael Jackson is a pedophile.

    Anyone who defends him is a pedophile.

  14. Wait was a pedophile.

    But I’d say Casper is shitting himself right about now.

  15. God, this sucks.

    R.I.P. MJ

  16. New Jack’s logic made my brain hurt a little bit.

  17. New Jack is a douchebag.

    Anyone who defends him is a douchebag.

    /much more plausible

  18. Michael was found INNOCENT on all charges in a court of law based on the fact that the family accusing him had NO evidence whatsoever to back up their claims.

  19. LOVE IT!!! MJ is a douchbag!!!

  20. he did sleep with little boys people, just get over yourselves, the man was a paedophile

  21. Hey :me: if you’re going to spell your opinion, spell it correctly. Thanks.

  22. And I mean the :me: in the comment above my own.

    Pedophile, you senseless twat.

  23. What has hit more balls than Tiger Woods’ nine iron?

    Michael Jackson’s chin.

  24. Katrina, Brits spell it that way. And Chrizman, “kids atind to lie”? I’m not one to harp on others’ spelling and grammar, but is that meant to say “tend”? Whoa.

  25. nik, why only his chin?

  26. who the fuck submitted this? And who let it through? This was everywhere, long before it was anywhere on facebook it was on TV. This is fucking retarded.

  27. Bwahahahahaha

  28. Karina, you need to learn the English language.

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