Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dirty Laundry

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  1. Broo! Scared ya, didn’t I? — Dr. Steve Brule

  2. Wonder if he will bring this up at the divorce hearing. On the one hand it def. shows some slandering going on, on the other it proves he shits himself. Hmm?

  3. it’s photos like that that make you realise why we even bother inventing 21 megapixel digital cameras.

  4. I’m 35 years old, never had a skid mark in my life. What is wrong with people? Wash your ass, ya dingus!!

  5. Lisa should be canonized for putting up with that at all. Just gross.

  6. I am pretty sure those belong to the juggalo in the previous post.

  7. Mever forget!

  8. People like Lisa confound me. If the slob in question was really as bad as all that wouldn’t she be happy to let him go? “Yay, the slob is gone. Best of luck Melissa!”

    And following that same line of thought, I often think – What kind of loser are you to have had a kid (or kids) with this slob?

  9. It is only Slander if he can prove it caused him collateral damage. ie Lost his job.

    This is what happens when your government is based on a watery tart handing out weapons.

  10. Also it’s written, so it’s libel, not slander

  11. I agree with Bottle Cap, but I can also put myself in the shoes of the Lisas of the world and understand how it would be satisfying to kind of say, “Yeah, you stole from me, but you stole garbage that I didn’t want anyway, so joke’s on you!” No one likes to be in that situation; being the one of two that wasn’t chosen and it’s pretty natural for people to cover their pain, embarrassment and insecurity with ridicule and false bravado (and Facebook posts containing dirty underwear pictures).
    Most likely if Slob came home and made some kind of respectable show of shame and guilt Lisa would take him back.

    Also, I seriously doubt that you could get any kind of charges stick to this. I’m tired of e-lawyers claiming that everything is illegal on the internet.

    On that note, this comment is copyrighted and if any of you read it without paying me a nickel a head, I’ll sue your faces off.

  12. Bottle Cap, I think most of the anger surely comes from the fact he’s left her for another woman, no? Maybe his skid marks were just a quirk of his she tolerated, until he cheated on her and she flipped out.

  13. ugh dirty minger …. how’d she even let him touch her never mind get her pregnant!

  14. bottle cap took the words out of my butt

  15. I, too, can appreciate why she’s angry. As automaton mentioned, even though Melissa stole a turd from Lisa, she’s upset that someone took something that was “hers”, no matter how horrible and stinky it appears to have been.

    It sound to me like Slob had more than just hygiene problems that Lisa had to contend with, i.e. sitting in front of the computer all day. Sure, he may have been the perfect mate if you overlook the computer thing and cleanliness issues he seems to have, and Lisa is likely not the perfect woman but when I see posts like this I can’t help but wonder what attracted Lisa to Slob in the first place. Maybe he’s hung like a horse, who knows?

  16. I don’t know, I think the slob thing turns on some women.

  17. reproachfulrabbit

    I am really glad she made another kid with him. That is just AWESOME.

  18. She should be less upset that her “turd” was taken from her and more upset that someone as pathetic as him DUMPED HER.

  19. Hilarious that she thinks she’s so above a person she fucked at least twice. And KEPT the children.

  20. and you took the words right out of mine #14 🙂

  21. I’m a little concerned about these words going from butt to butt. 😀

  22. Life is like a box of arses. You never know which one will be clean. Oh and Dan Fargis, this one’s for you. His anus is probably hairy too.

  23. Did you ever have something laying around the house that you kept thinking “Man, I should get rid of it, but it does have SOME use and perhaps might be valuable someday… and there is some sentimental value…”

    Then one day some nasty thief takes it and you realize, “Good grief, the house looks (and smells) so much better now that it is gone! What was I thinking? It was trash after all! Thank you, thief, for taking garbage out for me! I’d put it off way too long!”

    Or did it just happen to me?

  24. i don’t know what’s worse… the fact that the dude like shit’s himself, or the fact that she’s obviously upset he’s leaving.

  25. PWND!

  26. It’s always jurisdictional, but there’s a pretty decent argument for defamation, and maybe even intentional infliction of distress.
    On a similar note, I gamble and lose at least once a year. It never fails. Never to the extent in the picture, but enough to make me uncomfortable**. Depending on the whereabouts of my misfortune, I always toss or clean the deucey drawers before anyone catches wind of the situation. This guy failed in too many ways to count.

    ** Any amount of grease in the crack is uncomfortable.

  27. I hope, following the photoshoot, that she promptly dressed him in a new pair of skiddies/nappies. This guy could seriously ruin a magnolia sofa if left to his own devices.

    Why do I hear Chopin when I read her post?

  28. I couldn’t make out what the hell that was. Looked like it might be a tattoo or a close-up of an anus or something. Sooo…I’m zooming in…zooming in…and WHAMMO!!! I see it.

    He had to wear those boxers for DAYS in order to build up a skid-mark of that length and width.

    Trust me…I know!

  29. And Lisa let this waste of knock her up TWICE???

    She would probably get more sympathy if she was a more classy bird, but sadly for her, her own statement confirms that she is a scrubber of the first order.

  30. Christian Weston Chandler actually HAD a girl?

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