Monday, September 13, 2010

A Tragic Weekend

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  1. @lamebookpro Yes, I’m Trinidadian 🙂

  2. And Keona, thanks for not being obnoxious about it. That was cool of you.

  3. Tigerlillies244,
    I hate people like you and i am not afraid to say it.
    How can you tar every Muslim with the same brush. I am pretty sure they are not all suicide bombers and i am pretty sure alot of them are repressed and don’t have freedom of speech like yourself.
    Are you in the forces? If not then shut the fuck up and go reproduce.

  4. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @ Tigerlillies244 – dearie me, you are a twat, aren’t you? Nothing but hate and ignorance coming out of your mouth. Like greenstrings, I’m amazed by the level of irony in your post.

    The problem with this is, and I doubt you will be able to grasp the following concept, is that it’s not all *muslims* that are the problem, it’s all *extremists*. Extremist Muslims, Christians, Jews, Catholics. Don’t your extreme views therefore make you part of the problem? Right, so let’s remove you from the map.

    @ absbabs – if this person were in the forces, would it make ok for them to hold this opinion? No, it would make it worse. And, for fuck’s sake, don’t tell this person to reproduce. You think we need more people like this?!

  5. Loving how Christopher argues that 9/11 is not a holiday, then proceeds to define holiday as ‘any day of exemption from work’.

  6. I decided that this year I would not cheapen this day of contemplative reflection by making my usual irreverent and tasteless jokes.

    I spent it thrashing off to David Bowies ‘Heroes’ instead.

  7. Not that I think Beki isn’t an idiot, because she probably does intend to say 9/11 and can’t spell worth a damn.. But 7/11 was the day of the beginning of Srebrenica massacre, which was far more deadly than 9/11.

  8. @junebug – me too! pump it up! pump it up! Pieces!

  9. I figure at this point if they don’t build the mosque at ground zero that’s basically like admitting that America blames the Islamic religion itself for the attacks and not just an extremist faction. Of course a disturbingly large portion of Americans do blame the entire religion, but you can’t ever let a vocal group of nut jobs have their way. If America was all about letting angry pushy people get what they want they’d have caved to the terrorists.

  10. @ XS – well said. I was against it because I was ignorant. I’ve made a complete turnaround. 70% of New Yorkers are against it….the same amount that were for an Iraqi invasion before we had all the facts and not just what we were being ‘fed’. At the very least it will make moderate Muslims who once felt that they were on “our” side against the terrorists feel like they are now in limbo. We need them to defeat the evildoers. We need all the help we can get. This is not a time to make more enemies.

  11. @hitmewithyourrhythmvic,
    Seems to me the people who are complaining the most are the people who sit at home on there asses, not out everyday standing up for the country they believe in. Unless you have stood up for your country in such a way i think lazy ass people like Tigerlillies244 has no right to such an uneducated opinion.

    As for reproducing it’s probably already to late for her!

  12. As well as not allowing the building of this mosque to go ahead, I seriously think we should also ban any KFC’s from opening up in the vicinity of Ground Zero.

    They sell a burger called the Zinger Tower and I personally find it distasteful and think its a disgrace….the ‘spicy’ coating tastes like shit and the dollop of mayo like a week old elephant spunk sample.

  13. Those poor victims of 7/11…

  14. @lamebookpro yuh like Brunswick tuna? yuh fine it nice? yuh fine it tasty?

  15. hahahaha @ junebug…fingers intact!

  16. btw, slapchop is THE BEST way to establish your trini-ism without doubt.

  17. yeah it’s like a secret handshake 🙂

  18. @ Sam. I thought the same thing. His very first definition of holiday contradicted his own statement that 9/11 isn’t a holiday. I quote him: “a day fixed in law or CUSTOM… in COMMEMORATION of some event.” Um hello?

  19. sycorax and BritishHobo why are you not this awesomely thoughtful every day? I agree…

    I’m Australian and since 9/11 we have had some terrible laws passed, with thinly veiled racism, and yet we have not been attacked.

    The thing is that although it was a tragedy, so many innocent lives have been taken since. And far from preventing more terrorist attacks, the anger that families have that their father, mother, brother ect were killed by Coalition of the Willing troops is just going to burn people up inside, and make them ready recipients to the senselessness of Terrorist Organisations.

    The terrible thing is that although I think that it is wrong, I can understand why these people do think that it is their only way to make a stand against the wrongs that the western world is doing to the people living in the middle east. Its more than just women dressing like whores (which, dan_fargis, I do not agree with), it is about the wealth distribution and the history of how the Middle East was divided up during the first half of the 20th Century.

  20. @39) Noooo! There are actuallly intelligent, respectful people who live in the South! Rather, you should collect up all the ignoramuses (ignorami?) out of every part of the country, or better, every part of the world, and blow them all to outer space. You’ll just have to figure out where to put them. Greenland might work.

  21. When did Greenland become an outer space destination? And have you already booked your flight?

  22. The stupidity is just to much for me to handle!!!

  23. oh, for f*** sake!
    you all really believe the story about M.Atta and the evil genius band of taliban terrorists?
    sorry, but for me that´s never been proven beyond doubt; I say: follow the money and look who´s had the biggest benefit of the attack. Convenient for the bush admin, wasn´t it? gave them lot´s of support for “homeland security”…good reason for another war, also…. as if the taliban wouldn´t have realized that the states would retaliate and their comfortable reign of terror would be endangered….
    I probably sound like a conspiracy nut to you, but if something looks like a bird, sounds like a bird and feeds the cat, it usually IS a bloody bird.
    Don´t get me wrong, I´m really sorry about the loss of lives, but I just don´t buy the who and the why. whatever and whoever lies behind this, trust me, we don´t know half of it.. and if it led to lot´s of people hating muslims (which is sick, because religion has FA to do with it)then I guess it must have worked even better. I wonder… why doesn´t the american public demand the whole truth? is it easier to believe everything you´re told? and while I´m in rant-mode: was there a “memorial day” for hiroshima or nagasaki? and as was said above: who cares about thousands dying all over the world every day? what makes brokers and bankers so effing special? the fact that they rule us all with their fun and games? phew…. OK, now I´m done, go back to your discussion about religions, if you really think 9/11 had anything to do with that….

  24. ^ please post that as your status, so it can appear on this website.

    It’s sad that the viewers of this website are as ridiculous as the people they come to ridicule.

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