Monday, September 13, 2010

Losing Your Keys

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  1. At least he is trying to protect his friend lol

  2. I think I am going to go stick a pen in my eye now. Come on lamebook give me something to work with here.

  3. Hey, some of those words are misspelled!

  4. Lamebook is turning into cheap drugs.

    The fix ain’t quite the same but the internet stole you’re imagination so you keep coming back.

  5. Scooby-do them muthas!

  6. Oh wow, more spelling mistakes? You’re spoiling us, Lamebook.

  7. “Dewelche and gobonna”????

    These straight guys. I just shake my head.

  8. The ‘dewelche and gobonna’ guy appears to be wearing a graduation mortarboard.

  9. Shouldn’t that be “bowelche and gobonna”? I mean, if it smells like colon …

  10. I like the first one. Yes, it’s all about spelling mistakes, but they’re amusing spelling mistakes.

    Cory, I like D&G, but prefer John Paul Gaudyhair.

  11. @briechez

    As a straight guy who can spell Dolce and Gabbana, I’m going with Cory just being a moron.


    John Paul Gaudyhair – he makes the “big ol’ pageant hair” hair products, yes?

  12. Comments, he designs some “big ol” out-there fashion, that’s for sure. His colon smells good, too. It comes in very shapely bottles.

  13. @wordyperv

    Ahh, that’s who makes those bottles. I’ve seen them before and never caught who actually made the scent. I thought about making a sly “shapely” comment, however I’ve been on a streak of inadvertently starting insult wars. Feel free to make your own in your head and credit it to me 😉

  14. Comments, and what’s wrong with starting an insult war? I urge you to go forth. It’s what this fucking joint needs.

  15. HEY EVERYBODY!!!! A fight, a fight on Lamebook!

  16. I’ll admit it, I laughed at them, but it doesn’t take much…. First mario and dreddy, now dowelche and gobonna… KIDS THESE DAYS !

    Poor poor Michael, he’s most likely still trying to figure it out.

    I lol’d at the graduation cap not beling blurred.

  17. @wordy

    Sorry got dragged away to be torchured by the stupidity of others… you know, work. I lost my comment I had planned, but I’d never intentionally start a war. I find there are better ways to expend my energy – some of which I believe we have discussed in the past, others that can be discussed in the future 😉

  18. Comments, I know that. I was joking, my dear. What I will say to you, though, is never let the possibility of insults from others stop you from saying whatever you want.

  19. Oh, well in that case, yes, he smells like colon.

  20. Often when i spell a word wrong I give my testicles a quick rap with a ruler to teach myself a lesson.

    It wurks a treet.

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