Monday, September 13, 2010

Taking the Long Road

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  1. BEN??!!!!

  2. yus!!
    obviously he wasn’t embarrassed enough by his parents knowing about the porn so had to tell his aunt on fb as well…

  3. weak 🙁

  4. On my family road trips my daughter spends a couple hours on my lap at the start of every extended driving period so that my son can have some private time in the back with his DVD player. I think my sister and I both wish our parents had been that considerate. It was always a little awkward when she absentmindedly looked over.

  5. So wrong on so many levels, and that includes you, Walter!

  6. Wait, isn’t Casey a chick’s name?

  7. Something missing here?

  8. Jesus Christ, this situation could not BE more awkward or embarassing. Let me just inform my Facebook friends…

  9. It coulda been more awkward… he could have woken up to the familly all watching it till the end…

  10. @9
    A family walks into a talent agency…

  11. I’m oddly proud to get that reference.

  12. “My bro popped that bad boy in…”

    When I read that, all I could think about was the potential outcomes this could have had. I was disappointed.

  13. Always disguise your porn as something NOBODY wants to watch, like The Piano.

  14. @6 Casey can be a guy’s name. For example: – Casey Affleck.

  15. @13 or Striptease

  16. The Aristocats! I love Disney.

    But back to the porn. I hope it was at least gay.

  17. @6 What about Casey Jones?

  18. Casey, you hide porn in a DVD with “secret of the ooze” in the title? How is that a clever disguise?

  19. I once hid a burned porno labeling the disc “8 Legged Freaks” cuz my girlfriend is terrified of spiders! Never even thought my little brother would want to watch that movie! At least it wasn’t my whole family though.

  20. Well THAT’S going to be a loooooong ride. Let’s hope they’re driving to Seattle from… Someplace just outside of Seattle.

  21. @13) How about Glitter?

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