Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mobile Mishaps

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  1. @lexluther You spelled retard wrong. Enough said.

  2. I got noticed! Finally, my efforts have paid off.

    I’d say we’re not so much a clique as a group of people commenting on a website who just so happen to know each other’s usernames and enjoy each other’s comments because we don’t come on to the comments section and insult everyone else.

  3. brydon he meant to spell it wrong, he’s laughing at himself rather than be anal like emma

  4. I find it rather amusing that the opinionated rant was ended with a statement about how no one cares about our opinion. This probably amused me because I’m a big, dumb American though…

  5. lmao. I love how one little insult to the “clique” gets everyone’s panties in a bunch.

    and @#39 – I’m sure most decent types are protective of their group of friends, but most people’s group of friends aren’t people they met and only talk to online.

  6. So, I’d never heard the phrase bunghole before today. I feel compelled to use it in general speech and see what happens, ie. I have a bunghole of ideas, or what a bunghole of a time. hmm

  7. Watch Beavis and Butthead and you’ll know what a bunghole is soon enough…and other things…

  8. Apparently no one’s noticed until now that the distance across North America is apparently 0.9 miles.

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