Monday, January 10, 2011

Wall Winnin’

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  1. first?

  2. Horrible indeed, Josh 🙁

  3. “A Snookie” lol. I imagined a cute foreign accent saying it.

  4. Sorry to break it to you Megan, but I used to work at that McDonalds in Belfast and can pretty much confirm that you misheard him.

    What he would have said is ‘Yo Mc’s wet!’.. This is the common McDonald kitchen parlance for the act of heaving both tubs of your hombre lard onto the burger before serving.

    We used to do it to pretty girls all the time… ok sometimes…look we sometimes ate them ourselves but that’s not the point ok!

  5. #1 – yeah, we know… jersey shore is a joke and snookie looks like an oompa loompa… need better material

    #2 – I didnt think it was offensive more than stupid

    #3 – mcawesome! good ol fastfood memories… ive had worse jobs, lol

  6. Correction Megan, he’d be a Mc-hero.

  7. Hahaha, no mc-sweat..I would’ve given the bro a tip.

    Snooki reminds me of a little tan troll that runs around yelling and guzzling vodka.

  8. Haha maybe I’ll nip over at lunch and see if I can find the guy. Tell him he’s lamebook famous.

  9. I have to start watching Jersey Shore. Seems like I’m missing all the fun.

  10. Meh. Chelsea’s another in the long line of annoying little twats who think it’s cute to have a fucking seizure while their finger is on the last letter of random words. I hope she gets lost on her way to Japan.

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