Monday, January 10, 2011

Not My Type

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  1. look at that fat bitch in the last one!

  2. Dn’t h8 meh cuz im buTfull!!1!1!1! H8 meh cuz yo boifrend wants dis!!!1!1 CURVY WOMiN R REAL WOMIN!!!

  3. Hey, don’t hate her ’cause you ain’t her.

  4. That’s right, I ain’t meh…

  5. Au contraire, Brandis – you are most definitely “meh”.

  6. She’s pregnant, right? Twins, carrying one in the belly, one in her ass? Right?

  7. That pregnant chick in the last one gets points for bathroom decor (compared to most that feature), and kudos for not squashing the butt foetus yet.

  8. Fuck me! Quick everybody out!

    Brandi is so cunting fat, the room has sunk on one side!

    If she isn’t pregnant yet she will be by the time i’m finished with her, the cheeky, greasy lank haired, blobby temptress.

  9. slicingupeyeballs

    Oh I don’t ‘h8 U cuz I ain’t U’ Brandis.
    I hate you because you are fat, narcissistic, and stupid.

    Oh, and called ‘Brandis’…

  10. Indeed, antixmas, I can’t knock her for her clean bathroom.

  11. The Salmon Mousse

    I like how she can still be bothered to put the apostrophe in “don’t”, even though she can’t be bothered to put an ‘O’ in it. Strange.

  12. Awww. It’s so sweet of some of you guys to assume that porky is pregnant.

  13. Word, it’s just more comforting than thinking that’s all lard

  14. I like a girl that shaves what their momma gave them, not so many fur balls that way!

  15. Stop hating her because you aren’t her guys, Jealousy is not a becoming trait.

  16. It’s posts like this that make me miss thequeen.. she could have made this comment section so much more interesting to read.

  17. @16
    Let’s all bitch about how much you miss some annoying friend of yours, that’ll make this thread REALLY interesting.

  18. polsvoice, I know you’re a champion for the fatties, too. You should fill the void left by queenie.

  19. What pisses me off about all these iPhone “autocorrects” is that most of them are probably deliberate. And almost all of them end with “damn iPhone”.

  20. …I agree with word. Clearly she just had too much McSweat from one of the other posts. If she were pregnant, her body wouldn’t look so evenly fat all around, her stomach would be much fatter than the rest.

    #3 According to Liza Minnelli recently: Ballz to you.

  21. @20
    Why would anyone listen to an unfunny whore who is only famous for slobbering all over any black rod that comes her way?

  22. Jonjones, I’m a little confused. Are you talking about Keona or Liza?

  23. I’ll follow the poet robert frost’s example and leave that to the reader

  24. …..thanks word. Har Har. <3 you too. 🙂

    #1. How could it autospell to shavin, it must be shaving.
    #2. So Fake, No Name, Sounds like a generic lamebook post

  26. @lamefame
    lol TROLL. 🙂

  27. Thanks Brandis, needed that little boost this morning. Nice to hear I’m not meh 🙂

  28. No, I don’t hate you, Brandis. I’m just thanking the Goddess I “ain’t yu.”

  29. The last one, she could of at least done her hair up a little…

  30. I read Brandis’ caption in Johnny Vegas’ voice before I’d even registered her photo.

  31. lol “champion for the fatties.” I just think they’re hot.

  32. Oh, so you’re a chubby chaser? Well that explains it.

  33. No judgement.

  34. hey lamefame #1 isn’t fake because i am the one who saw it on my live feed and posted it to this site 🙂

  35. that post made me laugh so hard that air literally came out of my tear ducts

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